Herb Garden – Before and After

Ok, if you think creating, designing, planting and caring for a herb garden is hard, PLEASE take a look at the photos below. Assuming you have herbs that are suitable to your environment, you should be fine. Now, by “suitable” I mean, there’s probably a slim chance that you’ll get some Basil herbs growing in Antarctica. 😉

Here is what the herb garden looked like JUST before completion:
Herb Garden Photo

Here is what the herb garden looks like after 6 months of growth:
Herb Garden Photo

If you’re thinking of creating a herb garden like this, it’s REALLY easy, and you can check out the process I followed here:
Step 1 – Mark out your area
Step 2 – Remove the grass
Step 3 – Laying the stepping stones
Step 4 – Plant the herbs
Step 5 – Look after it

5 Replies to “Herb Garden – Before and After”

  1. I believe you live in the desert SW. I live in New Mexico but at a high altitude. I don’t think basil would survive my winter where it gets below zero. If I bring it indoors it should survive shouldn’t it? Thank you, Dale

  2. Hi Dale. I don’t live in the desert (perhaps I got my rating wrong)… I have a perennial basil, and it seems REALLY sturdy. Out temperatures get to around 4 degress above 0 (Celsius) in winter, and my basil doesn’t even seem to be phased.

  3. Looks nice. 🙂 Did you use the stepping stones for aesthetics or also to inhibit the plant from growing outside of the boundary?

  4. Thanks. And, the stepping stones are for a little bit of both. I wanted boundaries for each herb, almost like “a pot in the ground”, but they had to look good 🙂

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