How to train a cat

I saw the most amazing thing yesterday. A well-behaved domestic house cat.

Actually, it was still a kitten, but it was house-trained already.

Because the owners live in a complex, they didn’t want the kitten wandering off on it’s own. They don’t have their own garden, and they’re worried that it would get lost, considering they’d only had it a week. So they had trained it so that it would not leave the patio.

They also mentioned that the cat NEVER had any “accidents” on the carpet. They feed the kitten pellets every day, and the one day they decided to try soft food, it didn’t agree with the cat. And even though the kitten JUST made to the litterbox, that’s where he did his business.

How did they train their kitten?

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Some Valentines Day ideas

There seems to be a large number of people reading this site looking for ideas for Valentines Day due to these articles I have:

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Women
Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Men
Decorating The Home With Valentines Day Decor

Well, in the spirit of my “Gifts for my Mother In Law” post, I’d like to tell you about 3 things that I did for Valentines Day over the years, which I think were big hits, and HOPEFULLY they will inspire you this year.
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Great Cooldrink Idea

Energade with sparkling water is a great healthy fizzy drinkJust a little something that I’d like to share… I really enjoy Energade, but sometimes I crave fizzy drinks… Well, what I do is mix Energade with Sparkling Mineral Water (personally, I like the Woolworths Sparkling Water). Almost gives it a Lucozade feel. 😉

I know my mother enjoys mixing tonic water with orange juice, but I’m not really into that one…

Do you have any other combinations for cold drinks that people might like?

Best Christmas Party Idea Ever

Need an idea for a Christmas party? It’s not an expensive Christmas party, though it definitely won’t seem like a CHEAP Christmas party

In South Africa, we don’t say barbeque, we say braai, (pronounced like “guy”, but with a “br” instead of a “g” ;-)), and a popular thing to do when having a lot of people around is to have a bring and braai. This is when people bring their own meat and drinks, and the host supplies the salads, deserts, and the utensils, and everybody has a great time…
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