Have you had a problem with Maggots?

This site gets an average of 300 visits a day from people who have questions on how to get rid of maggots.

You may think that’s weird, but believe it or not, it’s easy to get maggots, and you don’t have to have a dirty house.

If you’re thinking how people could possibly get maggots, it’s really quite easy. Perhaps you missed the garbage disposal pickup day, or your cat has killed a bird that you weren’t aware of. Or, as happened in our complex, a neighbour ran over a bullfrog and didn’t pick up the dead body, and the flies had a FEAST.

So it may not even be your problem!

Because of the number of visitors seeking help, I decided to move the information over to a new website dedicated to maggots.

If you’d like to take a look, go to www.maggots.co.za

And, if you happen to land on this page looking for help on how to get rid of maggots, the main article on the new site to take a look at is this one:

A Definitive Guide to Getting Rid of Maggots

Ant Poison that REALLY gets rid of ants

We’re being taken over by ants in our house. But I think I’ve found the cure!

You can’t see the ants, but drop a piece of food on the floor and wait 5 minutes. The food will either be gone, or covered in ants and on it’s way to being gone.

So I splashed out today. I paid R240 for imported Ant Poison. That’s a LOT in my opinion, especially for a 280 gram jar.

But it looks like it works like a charm.

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Frog Droppings

Have you ever wondered what frog droppings look like? Do you really care? You might if you’d seen something that you previously thought were rat droppings, so here are a couple of photos to put your mind at ease.

In my other posts about how to get rid of frogs I talk about how it’s really just a case of making them choose somewhere else to live.

I did that by waiting for the frogs to leave their holes and then filling it up with river sand. Of course that means you’ll either have to wait until night time for them to come out, or force them out…

I forced them out by filling the holes with water. but it took a long time because apparently frogs can breathe a little through their skin…

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Get rid of Fruit Flies around the house

Another reader of this site was kind enough to leave a tip for getting rid of fruit flies in the house.

Karen had this to say:

For those dealing with the annoyance of fruit flies in the home, because we DO like keeping a number of fresh fruits and vegetables around the house, my younger brother has stumbled upon this remedy:

Pour a little wine into a cup.
Dip the tip of your finger into bubbly dish detergent and drip a drop or two into the cup of wine and swish it around.
Change the cup of fly-wine every few days until your problem is gone.

Works like a charm!!

After a little email exchange, Karen explained the reason this seems to work:

… I know it works.  My brother and father have had problems with the fruit flies and this worked for them both.

The amount of detergent is very little [we are not talking about drops of soap, but drops of soapy liquid as when you wash your dishes and the bubbles fall off].

The reason it works is because the surface tension of the liquid is broken.  The fruitflies would typically be able to stand on wine and drink it, but the soap changes the tension and the fruit flies fall in when they expect to stand on the surface.

Thanks Karen.

If you have your own tips or tricks, feel free to leave a comment, use the contact form, or if you’re a subscriber to this site by email, just hit reply.

How to get rid of Maggots

I’m sure everybody’s sick of maggots!

Thanks to Julie, a reader who left a comment on the above post, we have this “definitive guide to getting rid of Maggots“.

She browsed for hours and hours and wrote a summary of what she has seen to be the most common resolutions to the problem of having maggots.

And with her permission, I’ve posted what she found. There is a lot of information to digest, so hopefully it proves helpful

And, if you’ve read the comments on the post about getting rid of maggots, you’ll know it’s a common problem. So use a solution from the list below, and know that you are not alone!

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Here is a story from Jakki that was quite well written and made for an interesting read. Because I’ve closed the comments on my “Killing Maggots” article, feel free to leave your own story as a comment below this one…


Your webpage was quite helpful in understanding a situation where I had a kitchen invasion of maggots.

This is a summary:

Our home is built on a concrete foundation. The maggots were found coming out of a 1/3 inch gap between a ceramic tile floor and drywall behind the oven. I will leave out all the drama behind finding the source. I could not get to the nest of maggots so I had to let nature take its course.

Hot shot wasp killer with permethrin works to kill maggots, but it takes a long time to work. It is also a repellent. The drawback? Once the Hot Shot dries, it stops working as a repellent and killer. The maggots crawl right over the dried Hot Shot for Wasps. That is the only product that worked to kill.
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Homemade Fly Trap

I’ve spoken to many people who’ve wanted to know how to make a homemade fly trap.

Some of them didn’t even realise how easy it was. And, because most people tend to have the ingredients already, it can be cheaper than the cheap fly traps from Builder’s Warehouse or Amazon.com (check out these traps on Amazon, some starting from $4! – Amazon.com Fly Traps).

So, are you curious as to how to make one?

What you need:

Empty 2 litre plastic coke bottle
1.5 cups of water
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of vinegar
+/- 1m of string
Small piece of meat (OPTIONAL)
Serving spoon of Syrup (OPTIONAL)
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