Herb Garden – Step 2 – Remove the grass

Well, you will only need this step if you have grass in the area that you want to create your herb garden in. As you can see in my photos, I did. This section is probably the hardest/longest part of creating the herb garden, so if you don’t have to do this, lucky you. One thing I could recommend doing is searching for a Garden Service in your area. There are normally a lot of gardening services that would be willing to come out for a day to do a job in your garden when needed.

Before we begin, what you will need for this section are some basic garden tools, namely a spade and a garden fork. Also, if you can water the grass so that it is completely wet, this will make life a lot easier when cutting/lifting the grass out.

Step 1 – Cut out the strips:

How I did this was by using the garden fork to outline my strips by putting holes (in lines). Then, I used the garden spade to actually cut the strips. Was almost like playing “connect the dots”. (You can see what I mean by strips in the photo below). The smaller the strips, the easier to lift out, especially if the grass is wet, because wet grass and mud are heavy.

Removing Grass - Garden Service

Step 2 – Take the grass off of your newly forming herb garden:

Once cut out, I then used the garden fork to lift the grass off. A lesson learnt for me here is, the longer you leave a pile of grass on your lawn, the worse it will look when you finally clear it away. If you organise a gardening service in your area, check if they will be able to clear the removed grass for you as well. Otherwise you might need to organise a rubbish removal company.

Removing Grass - Garden Service

Once all this is completed, it will pretty much be plain sailing. No real hard labour left. (Except for tidying up and the rubbish removal). If you have ANY tips for this process, please feel free to leave me a comment below. Thanks…

Removing Grass - Garden Service

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