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I’ve had quite a few visitors to this site who are not aware that this is NOT the OUTsurance website.

So, before I post a couple of cool little nuggets of information, I thought I would give you the OUTsurance contact details in case you need them.

OUTsurance Contact Details

New (FREE) Quotes

If you’re looking to get a quote from OUTsurance, visit this webpage, fill in the form, and let THEM phone YOU! It will be cheaper in the long run:

OUTsurance Quote Website

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OUTsurance and the HELP@OUT Service

If you’ve scanned this site before, you might know I’m a member of OUTsurance.

The reason for that is because they’re way, WAY cheaper (for me) than ANY other insurance provider in South Africa. I know this because I phoned around for a couple of quotes recently and I ended up moving all my insurance to OUTsurance.

You can read more about that here: “OUTsurance saved me R500 a month

Hassle Free Quotes from OUTsurance Insurance

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OUTsurance and Vehicle Tracking Devices

There’s an interesting story over at Wheels24 titled “Tracking devices explained”.

In nice, simple English it explains the differences between the different vehicle tracking devices and how installing one can affect your insurance premium. They also talk about the benefits of each tracking company (such as Matrix, Tracker, Netstar, etc.), how much each one costs for installation and it’s monthly subscription.

Here’s what they say regarding OUTsurace:

Having a tracking system in your car also has insurance benefits. Outsurance will not insure your car if it is not fitted with a tracking device and if the value of your car exceeds R200 000. Pick Outsurance and they cover the initial installation costs.

My car doesn’t cost that much, but I do believe I got a discounted premium on my car insurance because I use the Matrix Vehicle Tracking unit. And, call me paranoid, but I don’t mind leaving my car anywhere.

I have:

Satellite Tracking
Gear Lock

So, that’s pretty safe. Not 100% safe, but pretty safe. 🙂

If you’d like to read how I saved money on my insurance, feel free to read this post of mine: “OUTsurance saved me R500 a month

Tidy Up or be Robbed

At least, that’s how the Urban Legend goes… To be exact (and to quote this news story: “The colour of litter, a code for burglars, insurer says”):

In South Africa the colour of the litter on the pavement outside your house could contain clues as to whether your home is being staked out by robbers, according to an insurance firm.

A green object, such as a beer bottle, could be a signal to thieves to ‘go ahead, the coast is clear,’ whereas a red object, such as a Coca-Cola can, could be a sign to ‘steer well clear.’

Now, whether you choose to believe that is up to you. Personally, I think somebody who was upset with the litter in their area decided to ensure people tidied up. And they did it with the world’s best motivation: Fear
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OUTsurance cancels cover

Ok, not really related to much around here, but I just read this article about how OUTsurance cancelled a client’s insurance due to the person claiming too much.

According to the article:

There are 3 groups:

  • Those who are claim free
  • Those who claim within expected norms
  • Those who claim excessively

So, if you’re good, you pay less… Not really cool, but that’s life for heavy claimers, but that’s nice for the non-claimers, in a way.

Hmmm… I just hope OUTsurance covers me properly when I need them.

OUTsurance proves themselves

If you’ve read my post on how “OUTsurance saved me R500 a month” you might be thinking that I have a bit of a biased opinion about OUTsurance. Then you might read the comment by the other reader telling me that “if you pay for the cheapest product, you will be getting the cheapest cover“.

The fact that he works for a competing insurance company doesn’t really help his argument. (I noticed this by his e-mail address he used to comment with).
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FREE OUTsurance Quote SAVED me R500 a month!!!

Earning R6,000 in 30 minutes

If you live in South Africa and you want to do JUST ONE THING that might save you money, go get a free OUTsurance quote by clicking here: Free OUTsurance Quote

If you go get an OUTsurance Quote, it might take half an hour, but, over a year, my quote is saving me R6000!

It will cost you nothing, and there is no commitment. You just fill in the form, and they will phone you back…

Why should you do it?

Read on to see how I saved R500 a month when I tried to CANCEL my OUTsurance car insurance.
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