Bedroom Photos – A different idea

A photo of your wife from her youthHere’s an idea that my wife and I stumbled on, and we’re finding that quite a few people do already.

Like most married couples, we have photos of each other next to our bed on the bedside table. Of course, I have a photo of her on my side, and vice-versa. The only difference is, the photo of her is a photo from her EARLY school days. And her photo of me is also a school photo, from when I was about 4 yeats old.

I wish I’d thought about it sooner, because it’s the cutest thing in the world…
A photo of your husband from their youth

Electric Blankets – Cheap Winter Warmth

I asked a friend the other day what he learnt this winter. He said that buying an electric blanket was one of the things he did, and, he learnt that electric blankets use less power than an oil heater. I can’t verify his fact about saving power using an electric blanket instead of an oil heater, but I would think it might be true.

My mother swears by her electric blanket. She says it’s mainly due to the fact that the bed is nice and warm when she gets into it. Something that is a real plus in an ice cold winter.
Electric Blankets for Warmth in Winter
I have a feeling America and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere are in for a SHOCKINGLY cold winter this year. Especially after the heat wave they just had this summer. So, if you feel like saving money AND keeping warm, try the electric blanket.

Let me know what you think. Especially if you have (or have tried) an electric blanket. I’d love other people’s opinions on whether it’s worth getting one.

Oh, and did you know, you can get Electric Blankets on Amazon? Just click the link below to check them out. (I must say, some of them look REALLY warm).

Electric Blankets on Amazon

P.S. This is not a picture of my mom. She’s cuter than that 😉

Plasma TV in the bedroom

When travelling recently, I stayed in a hotel room that REALLY impressed me. Forget the fact that it had free hot chocolate in the room, or heated mirrors in the bathroom (something I REALLY want). The bedroom had a Plasma TV mounted on the wall.
In my mind, a Plasma Television mounted on the wall in a bedroom saves an ENORMOUS amount of space. ESPECIALLY if it has a built DVD player, like this one had, which slides out from the side.

Of course, Plasma TVs are not exactly the cheapest way to put a TV in your room, but if space is limited, you can very easily mount it on the wall. But, if you have cupboards in front of your bed, and you don’t mind a bit of manual labour, another method to make your bedroom look cool is to build in a TV INTO the cupboard, making the screen flush with the cupboard doors. I also saw this in a hotel room, and had to look closely to realise that we didn’t have a fancy Flat-Screen TV

Have a good night’s sleep


At “A Bed Fantastic” there’s an interesting post on “8 Tips to make your Bed More Comfortable”. This is what they have to say:

1. Clear away all those throw pillows.
2. Remove the clutter from underneath your bed for good feng shui.
3. Get a goose feather pillow.
4. Invest in an orthopaedic mattress.
5. Buy a down duvet.
6. Get an overlay or a topper pad for your mattress.
7. Treat yourself to new sheets – cotton in the summer, flannel in the winter.
8. If you have allergies, cover your mattresses and pillows with allergy proof encasings.

Regarding #1, I hope you’re not sleeping with the throw pillows on the bed… Otherwise, keeping them on the bed during the day for decoration is not a bad idea.
They promise to go over each point in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for that…

Decorating Tip #1 – Choose a good paint color

Choose a paint that you can live with for a LONG time. ESPECIALLY for your bedroom. It’s all well and good you choose a color that makes a statement, but in 6 months time, will you still think bright pink is cool?

Things to look out for:

  • Generally, darker colors tend to make a room seem smaller, so, for those small rooms, like the bedroom, choose a lighter color.
  • Once your walls are painted, the paint will look darker than when it was still in the can. Choose a color a few shades lighter than what you originally intended.
  • Find the correct types of paint and what each of their effects are. For example, eggshell or velvet paint have a soft look to them. They go nicely with pastel colors, and are best suited for the bedroom.
  • Choose a color that complements your room’s decor. Whether contrasting or not, it must ADD to the rooms decor, not detract from it.


Once again, take a look around. There are plenty of website out there with tips on what paint to buy, why to buy it, and which room it suits the most. There are also a lot of sites you can visit with ideas (and photos) for decorating certain rooms. You could take a look at the sites/photos and see what they have done with paint and the contents of the room.


Click here to view the “Ten Tips” list.

Ten Tips for Better Interior Decorating and Home Improvement

Here is a list of 10 tips for Interior Decorating and home improvement that I thought I would share with the world. I will list the tips tips here, and then over the next few days (possibly 10) I will post articles that elaborate on these tips…

  1. Choose a paint that you can live with for a LONG time. Especially in your bedroom. In 6 months will you still think bright pink is cool?
  2. Make small rooms seem larger. In this day and age, people are moving into smaller and smaller spaces. Learning how to make the most out of the space you have is essential.
  3. Continue reading “Ten Tips for Better Interior Decorating and Home Improvement”