Herb Garden – Step 4 – Plant the herbs

This section is the fun section. And here’s what I did:

1 – Dug holes in between the paving stones where I was planting the herbs
2 – Filled these holes with a mixture of potting soil, river sand and top soil (ratio of 1:1:5)
3 – Made space in the “now filled in” holes for the herbs to be planted (as they are fully grown already)
4 – Put the herbs in the holes in the new mixture, keeping as much of the original soil that the herbs came in as possible
5 – Filled the gaps around the herbs with more top soil and patted it down to get rid of air pockets around the roots
6 – Watered the herbs thoroughly – You will need to do this almost daily, depending on sun exposure and temperature, until the herbs have settled in.

As you can see in the picture below, the herb garden is already taking shape nicely.

There will still be some perfecting to do, but after the next couple of steps you will REALLY notice a difference.


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