Organic Cleaning Products

I may sound like a Woolworths fan boy, but I’m only using their products as an example in this article because we actually use them (and love them) in our house. I try not to write about things I can’t personally vouch for.

Woolworths has a range of organic cleaning products (which it looks like they’ve named “earth friendly“) that has a couple of benefits.

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Defy Dishwasher is stuck on Rinse

Do you ever find that your Defy Dishwasher doesn’t wash?

What happens is that after doing a rinse cycle, (you ARE doing a rinse cycle first, right?), I put the dishwasher dial onto the Wash Cycle option, but it just does a rinse again.

This can be REALLY irritating, and very possibly only happens to me.

But I’ve FINALLY “cracked the code” that ensures that my dishwasher washes when i want it to.

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