Herb Garden – Step 1 – Mark out your area

When building a herb garden, as with anything, you have to start off at the beginning. And, in this case, the beginning is: “Where should my herb garden grow?”

– Remember, as I mentioned in my “Herb Garden in 24 hours” post, you will need to decide what type of herbs you would like to grow.

– The next step is to decide where in your garden you would like herb garden feature to grow. You need to take into account whether there is a lot of sun in that area, whether the area is visible at all, etc… This herb garden can become a feature, so you might not want to hide it away from your visitors.
– Next you want to decide on the amount of space dedicated to your herb garden – unless you’re growing herbs to sell, I don’t think you’ll need a very large area.

– Now that you’ve made all the important decisions above, demarcate the area. In my example, because the area I’ve chosen is currently covered in grass, I’ve marked out the area using a spade to show where I will be digging up the grass from.


—=== Next Post – Measuring for Herb Garden Ingredients ===—

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