Streaming Music – MusicMatch JukeBox Review

UPDATE: MusicMatch JukeBox has unfortunately been discontinued. They were taken over by Yahoo!, who have since released a new, improved Yahoo! Music JukeBox.

In my post on “Party Music for your guests” I spoke about how playing MP3s or streaming music via the internet was a good idea for when you have a party. This is because, in my mind, it’s better than putting the radio on, and you don’t normally have to get up and change CDs every hour or so.
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Party Music for your guests

If you have a party, like a dinner party, you’ll most probably have music playing in the background. If not, then, I suggest you have music in the background. Soft music, and preferably something that you know most of your guests will like.

I can’t really suggest artists without offending some people, but here are some of my own recommendations/tastes…

Valentines dinner music:
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My Wind Chimes

Wind_Chimes_Flower_3.jpgI just have to tell you about my new favourite purchase: my Wind Chimes! These chimes are not your standard wooden chimes, or even the little “tinny” wind chimes. They are made from metal, and emit the purest, most relaxing sound I have ever heard from a chime.
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Linksys Wireless G Broadband Router – Review

Setup a Wireless Network at Home

Wireless.jpgI am using iBurst as my broadband connection. This might not be the best solution for everyone (and might not even be a KNOWN solution for everyone reading this), but it DEFINITELY works like a charm for me. And, because of the fact that I have a wireless network at home, I also recommend using a laptop, so that you can browse the internet from anywhere in the house. A complete mobile solution. 😉

Anyway, here are the components for my wireless network at home:
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