Party Music for your guests

If you have a party, like a dinner party, you’ll most probably have music playing in the background. If not, then, I suggest you have music in the background. Soft music, and preferably something that you know most of your guests will like.

I can’t really suggest artists without offending some people, but here are some of my own recommendations/tastes…

Valentines dinner music:

Try some romantic, soft, music.
Preferred Artists:

Thanksgiving dinnner music:
Probably not too lively, and yet not quite the same as a romantic night in with Valentines dinner music.
Preferred Artists:

Christmas Party Music
I usually have some pop on, as well as some of the popular artists and bands performing Christmas Music. For example:

If you click this link: “Albums for Christmas“, you will be taken to some search results on Amazon for ideas on Christmas music…


Now, with all these different parties you could have, andn having all sorts of music to buy, I can recommend 1 of 2 things:
1 – By the CDs, and play them on a cd player. You’ll only have to change the CDs about every hour
2 – (This is what I do) Either stream your music (I use Musicmatch Jukebox Plus), or rip some of your music to MP3s, and play it from either your iPod or Computer. Depending on how you plan to set up your sound. I use the MP3 approach mainly when I have special requests, as I have a LOT of MP3s. (It’s the best way to back up your CD collection, or even ngrow it).

If you don’t feel like converting all your CDs to MP3 (assuming you have the above music), you could just try buying the MP3s…

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Any other recommendations? Please leave a comment.

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