My Wind Chimes

Wind_Chimes_Flower_3.jpgI just have to tell you about my new favourite purchase: my Wind Chimes! These chimes are not your standard wooden chimes, or even the little “tinny” wind chimes. They are made from metal, and emit the purest, most relaxing sound I have ever heard from a chime.

I bought these wind chimes from a place in the Drakensberg (in South Africa) and the lady that makes them DEFINITELY has a knack for this. She had about 30 – 40 different chimes in her shop, ranging from chimes that sounded like Big Ben (the clock) when the wind blew, to the bells in St. Pauls Cathedral in London. There are other that, when the wind blows, and the chimes are struck in the correct order, will play out a tune from a song.

Wind_Chimes.jpgThese chimes have such a pure sound that they must definitely play a part in the whole “sound therapy” genre. Normally, a plant will grow to the light. That’s how I was taught, and that’s what I’ve always seen happen. But just outside this lady’s shop is a vine growing on the wall that appears to be trying to get INSIDE the shop. It had branches turned away from the light and pointing toward the opening of the shop floor. It could just be a coincidence, but it definitely didn’t look like it to me. She even showed us how she keeps turning the plant to face outside, and yet it keeps twisting around to get inside.

At the top of this post is a flower that grows underneath these chimes. It wasn’t doing to well since we received it as a present, but this last weekend, we hung the wind chimes above the plant. Within 3 days, the flowers started appearing out of nowhere. And not just any flowers, but the prettiest pink flowers that it has ever produced. Coincidence? Once again, I think not.

I would fully suggest getting some wind chimes. Shop around and see which ones complement your house (and outside area where you will place the chimes). They can be a great feature, as well as produce a great sound.


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