LG DVD Recorder RH7624W – Review

I just thought I’d write a review on a product that I bought for Chirstmas.

The LG DVD/HDD Recorder RH7624W

LG DVD/HDD Recorder RH7624W

This is obviously not the BEST product on the market, but value for money, I would totally recommend it. Some of the features of this player are:

  • 250GB HDD
  • DVD R/W
  • CD R/W
  • dts Digital Out
  • Dolby Digital
  • MP3, WMA and DivX
  • TimeShift – Pausing and watching “live” TV

In my opinion, here are the Pros and Cons of this DVD Recorder:


  • Cheap in comparison to almost any other DVD/HDD Recorder
  • Has a LOT of space on the HDD for recording TV
  • Can make copies of DVDs (Dubbing)
  • The TimeShift is a really cool feature, where you can pause the TV, and carry on watching when you’re ready.
  • Recording quality is pretty good
  • The menu navigation is pretty intuitive


  • If the power trips, you can lose all settings such as the time and automatic timer recordings.
  • Starting the TimeShift recording functionality takes about 30 seconds. Enough time for your phone caller to hang up
  • Can only rename recordings after they’re finished recording

So, there aren’t really any cons, except to say that these 2 are enough to turn some people away. If I were to give LG some tips, I’d tell them to make the following changes:

  • Write settings to the HDD when shutting down. At least this way, if the power trips, you only have to set the time, and all your other settings should work as before
  • When setting a Timer Recording, have the ability to name it. That way, you can find all the episodes of “CSI” without having to watch a few minutes of all 45 of your recordings

Would I recommend the LG DVD/HDD Recorder? Definitely, if it’s in your price range. If you can afford to pay 50% more, than do so on another product. I am happy with it, so I reckon most other people would be (if you can forgive the above “CONS”).

But I would definitely recommend shopping around for specials. I found a special online, and it’s a good thing, because the price varied by 10% between stores…

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  1. The Progressive scan on my 7624W doesn’t work with my JVC projection TV that is 100HTZ and compatible with PAL Progressive scan (connected to DVD via component video cable). I suspect that LP 7624W progressive scan is either an old one using NTSC only or the PAL’s one has not been activated.
    Any suggestion?

  2. I BEG you, if you find out the issue, PLEASE let me know…

    The progressive scan doesn’t work on my Sony TV either, so I’m guessing it’s the DVD player at fault. It looks like the refresh rate is way out of sync.

    So, sorry, no idea what to do…

    Guess I should add this to the list of CONS. 😉

  3. I’m sure you know that the composite outputs have 2 modes namely RGB and progressive scan. Remember to set the output to progressive scan for a HD display. Let me know if it works.

  4. I’ll try this, but if you have any idea how to do this let me know. If it’s a setting via the DVD menu, then I’ve tried that. The TV just goes crazy. It’s not and HD TV though. But the TV manual says it caters for this.

  5. hi, i have and Lg 7624 but after playing a mp3 dsc in the player it wont play regular discs!!! any idea why? have reset it and loaded firmware upgrade.

  6. Hi, mine also stopped playing regular CDs and DVDs from local (South African) publishers. I am not sure when this happened, I never played a MP3 on my machine as yet. I am not sure if this is a region thing maybe?
    It is so frustrating, if anyone can help please email me on johannw@quadsoft.co.za.

  7. Hi. Did someone mention a firmware upgrade? Brent, how would I go about installing this? Also, I had a problem on my RH 7624W – when using timeshift, the video and audio went out of sync, giving what I call the “Butler Parker” effect. Just last nigt, I dumped the last of my “keepers” onto DVD, cleared the HDD and formatted it (also restored factory settings – each of these operations took about 10 seconds – clearly not a low level format). I’ll find out in due course whether this has sorted the problem. Has anyone had similar experiences or have any advice?

  8. This has also started happening to me. And it is REALLY IRRITATING! I’ve found that if I Fast Forward at 4X, it tends to happen (like when fast forwarding past the ads).

    PLEASE let me know if formatting the HDD did anything. I’ve been meaning to do that the whole week.

  9. My LG DVD/HDD Recorder RH7624W do not recognise any discs anymore. when the disk is inserted it reads for a while and then give a unknown disk error. I’ve tried lense cleaners but the problem is still there. Where can I get it fixed?

  10. I’ve had the follow up on the RH7624W – the RH1999H – which also did not recognise any discs anymore… Took it to the supplier, then LG in Montague Gardens. Had to hear that the lens reader was defect (apparently broke due to trying to read scatched discs!) and replacement part from East would take 6-8 weeks. Could take it back to Makro and got money back. Then purchased Sony DVD recorder (160GB hd). Not same ease of use though!!! Contemplating returning it today!

  11. I’ve had my RH7624W for about a year now. When my hard drive was about 1/3 full, the sound went out of sync with the video on recordings. Then it stopped recording sound and finally stopped recording after 4 seconds each time! LG serviced the machine and upgraded the firmware, but the problem returned. The solution: format the hard drive and record only on SQ – the image quality is OK.
    My working theory is that the machine cannot handle the data rate of HQ recordings when the hard drive gets more than say 1/3 full. I suspect that the hard drive gets fragmented and that the machine does not have a defrag function. Because of this, I believe that the machine has a serious flaw that LG is not addressing!

    The best feature for me is the ability to record and playback from the HD at the same time.

    Another point raised on other forums is that the dubbed video quality deteriorates when the original file has been edited. Only unedited files can be dubbed at high speeds.

    Last but not least, one cannot cue forward or backward when playing AVI files. So if you miss something, frustration!

  12. WOW! Thanks for the info. I’ve also had the situation where the DVD Recorder only recored 4 seconds of the show and then stopped. It did it twice (one after the other) so I missed an evening’s viewing. But it hasn’t done it since (and I always use SQ).

    I’ve also tried to keep my HDD space to at least “50 Hours available” and it hasn’t gone out of sync. But I think this really is the border-line, because it skips/stutters about once every 10 minutes (when in playback), but it doesn’t go out of sync. When I only had around 35 hours of space available and it skipped, the sound would then go out of sync.

    Thanks again for all the info and tips.

  13. I fiddled with the settings and selected the ratio for wide scree. Consequently I have no dialogue on my (now black screen with vertical white line) screen.

    How do I resert it to factory settings without visuals ?

  14. Hi Anton. I will see if I can take a look and give you step by step instructions so you can do it without visuals… Hopefully that will work…

  15. As per manual –

    Press and hold POWER button for at least 5 seconds. This will force the unit to power off then turn the unit back on.
    Unplug the power cord for at least 5 seconds, and then plug it in again.

    And guess what – it didn’t work for me 🙁

  16. My RH7624W has stopped playing Disk. It reads for few second, and ejects after displaying Unknown disk error. I tried with many other Disks but fruitless. I reset the unit also no help, can anyone help me.

  17. It sounds to me like your laser/lens needs cleaning. Just an idea. Though I wouldn’t know how to get it cleaned.

    Just an idea…

  18. Dear Fattah & James
    It does sound like all you need is a lens clean.
    Just buy one of those lens cleaning disks (where you put cleaning fluid onto a little brush).
    They’re cheap and work pretty well.
    Let me know if this worked…

  19. See above – had difficulty with playing discs – eventually bought the upgraded dvd recorder model and now happy. Would suggest you seriously think of formatting the hard drive as last resort.

    Before this though – take it to the LG agents – they should be able to give definitive answers!

  20. Hi, I have an LG DVD Recorder DR275. Ive only had it a few months and it has been working fine. I recorded from a VCR onto a disc last night and planned to finish recording today, but now the recorder wont read the disc. it tries to read for a few seconds, then says ‘unknown disc, please check disc again’. Its not the lens because it can still read all other discs with no problem.
    Any ideas?

  21. Hi.. i have an LG RH1999H DVD RECORDER… After a couple of months using it, it started to give me disc errors. My sysytem no longer recogises DVD’s but i can play ordinary CD’s without error. I tried formatting it but that didnt work, as for the warranty..its way past that.. so takin it back to GAME stores is not an option..
    I then thought about replacing the DVD drive with a new DVD recording one.. but taht wouldnt be cheap.
    Any suggestions please?

  22. Hi I have a LG DVD / HDD recorder, bought about three years ago, about two months before the warranty expired, I had to send it in for repairs, the unit started to give me disc errors. After sometime I got the recorder back and everything worked well for some time. The recorder again started to give disc errors and just recently when switched on nothing appears on the tv screen and no sound. I will have to take it to someone that know how to work on a DVD recorder, is it possible that someone can recomment an agent that will be able to help and resolve my problems.
    Help needed urgently, thanks

  23. Hi, When I record a widescreen show on this DVD recorder it play back widescreen fine. When I write the same show to DVD and play back once again fine – BUT, when I play that same disc on my PC in Media Player it is squashed to 4.3. Why is that? Also what file format does LG use for the HDD? I took the drive out and connected it to my PC. My PC read the drive but did not want to show the drive as available. Under PC management it shows the drive is there and working properly but shows a blank space where it would normally show if the drive is Fat32 or NTFS. I wanted to copy my recoridng onto my PC. Any suggestions?

  24. First things first, you are WAY ahead of me. Any time I’ve tried to write a movie to CD, I can’t get it to play ANYWHERE other than another LG DVD player.

    How on EARTH did you get it to play in Windows Media Player???

    Regarding seeing the drive in Windows, from your findings, my guess would be that the OS on the DVD recorder is either Linux or proprietary so the File System isn’t recognised by Windows.

    DEFINITELY just a guess, but have you considered hooking it up to a Linux machine to see if you can’t read it?

    A topic for a different time, but if you don’t have a Linux machine lying around, you could try creating a Virtual PC using “MS Virtual PC” or “Sun Virtual Box” or even “VMWare” (the last one being paid software I believe).

  25. Hi James, Not sure why your LG written discs won’t play on any other machine – had no problems with this on my side. Excuse the possible stupid question – you do finalise your discs first before playing in other machines? I have a whole range of extra codecs installed which also allows me to view blu-ray rips on media player so that may also be a reason why it plays the LG recordings easily. I had a suspicion that the file format may be Linux. Will have to set up something to test it – the drive is already almost full with my beloved rugby games and really don’t want to have to write it all to discs. I assume the DSTV HD PVR is also linux based – I wanted to try the same for it. I am determined to find a way of copying the content!

  26. Hi, I’m also getting disc errors on any disc I insert. Tried cleaning the lens, no luck.Anybody found a solution yet?
    Also trying to copy my stuff from my HD to my PC. Does not see the files. Is Linux format? Please help.

  27. Hi Emmcee I managed to have my problem solved, I took my recorder to Craighall TV Services, on the corned of Buckingham & Jan Smuts ave in Craighall Park. All the problems were repaired and had no further problems thus far.

  28. I have mine now for 8 years now. I use it to record my tv stuff when I am not able to watch it live. It gives me pleasure to watch at snail pace whenever I am not too busy. However, for the past few weeks now I notice that the hard drive is making a clicking sound.
    Also, the other major issue I have is that I set the timer to record something but then it does not switch off as per usual, I have to then manually press stopped using the Power button only and then I lose everything I have just recorded.
    Can anyone advise further.

  29. Hi Zarina
    I’m not sure about the timer recording issue as I have not had that problem.
    As for the hard drive, it sounds to me like it’s packing up. I put in a 500GB HD in mine with no issues. Just make sure it’s and IDE drive. takes like 15mins.

  30. The power button on player does not work anymore. I have to use a remote now to put it on. My DVD Recorder RH1999h also while recording would just stop and record stop and record. When I set the timer, it will also not record.

    Can anyone advise what I can do. Should I get rid of it and get a newer model OR should I bite the dust and take it to agents in Montague Gardens.

    I have not yet attempted to open up my recorder. Should I clean the inside. I have not done so since purchase back in December 2001.

    Please advise.

  31. I’ve personally stopped using this device. It got SO irritating!

    I’ve tried upgrading the firmware, but that never worked.

    I reckon, if you can afford it, try and buy a new, better device. I’m surprised you’ve had yours for 8 years now. That’s quite impressive for most technology devices these days.

  32. Hi my Lg recorder does not finalise disc. Pls advise if i have to change format or something. When i go to set up, disc format is gray and cannot click.

    Any suggestion will be appreciated,


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