Streaming Music – MusicMatch JukeBox Review

UPDATE: MusicMatch JukeBox has unfortunately been discontinued. They were taken over by Yahoo!, who have since released a new, improved Yahoo! Music JukeBox.

In my post on “Party Music for your guests” I spoke about how playing MP3s or streaming music via the internet was a good idea for when you have a party. This is because, in my mind, it’s better than putting the radio on, and you don’t normally have to get up and change CDs every hour or so.

Well, the software I use for streaming music is called Musicmatch Jukebox Plus. In my mind, it’s THE BEST music managing software out there. I’ve always said to my friends that if there was just one program I would pay for, it’s this one. Other than the streaming music, one of the best features of this software is being able to rename your MP3s in batches, and BELIEVE me, if you have a lot, this can make life SOOOO much easier.

Anyway, back to the radio via the internet story. You can download this software and stream music from the internet without having to pay for it. The only downfall is, there will be ads every now and again, and I seem to remember that it would stop playing after a couple of hours and you would have to click play again. But, I’ve got a subscription to their music service, MusicMatch Radio, and it is BRILLIANT! You can search for an artist and play their music, as well as searching for an artist, and play their music and any music that’s similar.

Another GREAT feature is, you can choose a “Radio Station”, for example, Heavy Metal, and play that station. It will just keep playing all the songs it can find in that genre. Of course, with over 900,000 songs in their database, I don’t think you’ll run out of music for your party.

On top of all this, you can also buy music from within the MusicMatch software. And, if you think this software isn’t trustworthy, MusicMatch is owned by Yahoo! and I’m sure you’ve heard of them 😉

Anyway, would I recommend Musicmatch Jukebox Plus– A DEFINITE YES!

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