The Ambler Warning – Robert Ludlum – Book Review

I’m definitely not a professional book reviewer, but I enjoy reading books. I actually really enjoy listening to books as well, because I can then be productive in situations I might not be, like travelling to work and back. Listening to books is a GREAT way to take your mind off the traffic. I’ve even introduced the beauty of Audio Books to family members who agree that listening to books is a great addition to their DIY projects.

Anyway, the Ambler Warning by Robert Ludlum is a GREAT book to listen to. I listened to this one, so I know. I was completely in te story within the first few minutes, as the action got underway pretty close to the start. The main thing I liked about this book was it was slightly “educational” as well as entertaining. Learning about micro-expressions was REALLY interesting.

Keywords for this book:
– Fast
– Captivating
– Humorous
– Interesting

A synopsis courtesy of JiggerBug (the AudioBook rental store I recommend):

On Parrish Island, a restricted island off the coast of Virginia, there is a little known and never visited psychiatric facility. There, far from prying eyes, the government stores former intelligence employees whose psychiatric state make them a danger to their own government, people whose ramblings might endanger ongoing operations or prove dangerously inconvenient.

One of these employees, former Consular Operations agent Hal Ambler, is kept heavily medicated and closely watched. But there’s one difference between Hal and the other patients—Hal isn’t crazy. With the help of a sympathetic nurse, Hal manages to first clear his mind of the drug-induced haze and then pulls off a daring escape. Free, he’s out to discover who stashed him there and why—but the world he returns to isn’t the one he remembers. Friends and longtime associates don’t remember him, there are no official records of Hal Ambler, and when he first sees himself in the mirror, the face that looks back at him is not the one he knows as his own.

Anyway, if you’d like to buy the book on Amazon, you can get it here: Robert Ludlum – Ambler Warning

If you’d like to buy the audiobook version, you can do so here (I FULLY recommend for audiobooks!):

The Ambler Warning: A Novel

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