Audiobooks are BETTER than sliced bread

Everybody says that this thing or that thing are the best things since sliced bread. Well, to me, Audiobooks are even BETTER than sliced bread. But hey, that’s my opinion. Here’s why I think they’re so great.

Ever wanted to read that book but never have the time? Now I just read while I’m working in the garden, or while I’m painting the house, or while I’m washing the car, or…. You get the idea

Rush hour traffic got you down? Well, sounds corny, but I don’t mind sitting in traffic, because I’m not really “there”. I’m listening to a good book. I’m paying attention to the road, of course, but I don’t care if I’m going 5 miles an hour or 105 miles an hour.

Feel like you need to learn something? Well, you don’t just have to listen to fictional books. There are audiobooks for learning languages, learning finance and investment, etc… For example, I had training for a week in a city I don’t live in, and it took me an hour every morning and evening to get there. So I spent the extra driving time listening to Suze Orman’s ” The Road to Wealth”. No time wasted driving there…

So, can I recommend listening to audiobooks? HELL yes. Go check some out at JiggerBug, where you can rent audiobooks, downloading them or getting them mailed to you.

Or, if you like, go check out the audiobooks on Amazon, such as The World is Flat, a must read for anybody in this day and age.

And, South Africans, don’t feel left out if you don’t like Amazon. 😉 You can go check out the Audiobooks at, such as The Odessa File by Frederick Forsyth

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