Lighting your garden with Solar Lights

SolarLight1.jpgOne nice and CHEAP way to light up your garden is to use Solar Powered Lights. These Solar Lights can be easy to install (put it together and stick it in the ground), and cost nothing once bought (unless you need to replace the batteries or bulbs, which shouldn’t happen very often).

I bought a couple of solar lights for my garden, and they work like a charm. They’re cute little things that just illuminate a section of the garden. I’m sure you can get solar lights with more powerful light bulbs, but the ones I bought are just there to accentuate and add a little bit of style to the garden.

You can even get solar fountains to add to your garden, which I think is a pretty clever idea, but if you already have a fountain or water feature, you could add a solar light or 2 around your feature, and voila, it is visible and highlighted all night. Now that’s just GREAT for those evening parties or dinners.

Mushrooms, Toadstools, Fairy Rings and other Fungi

Toad_Stool.jpgWell, for some people, Fariy rings are cool. But to others, fairy rings are just toadstools in your garden, ruining the look of your lawn… And PLEASE remember (especially for those people with kids, or even pets), Toadstools ARE NOT MUSHROOMS! So don’t let you children eat them. My dog once had what seemed like an epileptic fit due to chewing on a toadstool.

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Planting Grass

Ok. Here’s a useless piece of information that could be CRUCIAL…
– Make sure the builders remove ALL rubble before laying down your grass. Otherwise, everytime you mow the lawn, your windows will be playing dodge-ball with the stones that are flying around.
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Decorating The Home With Valentines Day Decor

Valentines Day comes hot on the heels of Christmas, New Year and the Chinese New Year, occasions when decorations, plus special home and garden decor, are at their most abundant. While people do not generally decorate their homes extensively for Valentine’s Day, now you have got in the decoration mood, why not have a few special Valentine ornaments about the home to signify the day?

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Home Improvements – The Fun Stuff

By Raynor James

Planning home improvements necessarily involves addressing numerous practical matters. That doesn’t mean you should ignore the fun stuff!

The Fun Stuff

The first thing to plan for in home improvements is the practical stuff. The second thing you need to talk to family members about is the fun stuff.

Most people have colors they like and colors they don’t like. They have things that interest them and things that don’t. Get your family to talk to you about those things. Each person’s bedroom, or bedroom area, should reflect his or her taste and interests.

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Planning The Perfect Kitchen Remodel

by Lee Dobbins

Remodeling your kitchen can give you a great place to cook and hang out in as well as add value to your home. The kitchen is a key room in your home and remodeling it to fit perfectly with the way your family lives is well worth the investment.

Before you start your kitchen remodeling project, however you should consider size, functionality, design, and storage. Choose a design plan that conforms to the specifics of each of these points and also make sure it includes plans for cabinets, flooring, counters, appliances, and, of couse, the kitchen sink.

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Home Decor For a New Home

by James Hunt

Moving into a new home or apartment is a very fun and exciting time. But, it can also be exhausting when you think of all the tasks you have ahead of you. The one that can be the most daunting or thrilling is the thought of home decor. If you’re good at decorating, you’re probably looking forward to this task. But, if you’re a decorating novice, you might want to think about hiring a professional.

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