Lighting your garden with Solar Lights

SolarLight1.jpgOne nice and CHEAP way to light up your garden is to use Solar Powered Lights. These Solar Lights can be easy to install (put it together and stick it in the ground), and cost nothing once bought (unless you need to replace the batteries or bulbs, which shouldn’t happen very often).

I bought a couple of solar lights for my garden, and they work like a charm. They’re cute little things that just illuminate a section of the garden. I’m sure you can get solar lights with more powerful light bulbs, but the ones I bought are just there to accentuate and add a little bit of style to the garden.

You can even get solar fountains to add to your garden, which I think is a pretty clever idea, but if you already have a fountain or water feature, you could add a solar light or 2 around your feature, and voila, it is visible and highlighted all night. Now that’s just GREAT for those evening parties or dinners.

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  1. Hi, Where in SA, specifically Cape Town, can you get the solar fountain pumps? They are big in the UK, yet DIY / garden shops here appear not to stock them.

  2. Hi Emma,

    I’m afraid I haven’t specifically seen solar fountain pumps… Though your best bet might be to ask at a nursery that sells fountains and see if they know.

    For example, here in Joburg, the Lifestyles Nursery sells quite a few fountains, and next time I go there, I’ll see what they say (though it might be quite a while I’m afraid).

    Let me know if you DO find any…

  3. i want to use these solar garden lights in farming and need about 100. where can i buy them wholesale. who is importing them?

  4. Hi Danie. I’m afraid I don’t know who imports solar lights. Your best bet might be to find a brand name and do a search for them on Google.

    Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful

  5. Hi Danie, a company called Sol Energy Africa imports security lights, garden lights, flashlights and I know lights that can be used in the garden. Their website is: and I saw that they have agents all around South Africa

  6. I notice these posts are old can you please advise me where I can obtain solar lights for the garden

    Thank you 13.09.2009

  7. Please can you give me quotes on pathway lights and 15 x solar lights for outside tables, with pictures if possible

  8. Would like to buy solar butterflies/flowers/or similar to pretty up my garden Can’t order them thru Amazon,they won’t post them to SA (too fragile?) Anyone in SA sell them?

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