Planting Grass

Ok. Here’s a useless piece of information that could be CRUCIAL…
– Make sure the builders remove ALL rubble before laying down your grass. Otherwise, everytime you mow the lawn, your windows will be playing dodge-ball with the stones that are flying around.

And, it’s a pain in the backside to have to remove the piles and piles of stones that just keep appearing. (and Anusol won’t be getting rid of these piles)… Of course, the gardening service won’t be too happy that they now have to keep fixing or repairing the broken windows.
Another thing, try and get the ground level before the grass is put down. You’re going to be forking out hard-earned cash to level the lawn after the grass has been laid.
My tip: Lay down about 5cms (+/- 2 inches) of compost or top soil before laying your grass. You’ll thank me later.

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