Mushrooms, Toadstools, Fairy Rings and other Fungi

Toad_Stool.jpgWell, for some people, Fariy rings are cool. But to others, fairy rings are just toadstools in your garden, ruining the look of your lawn… And PLEASE remember (especially for those people with kids, or even pets), Toadstools ARE NOT MUSHROOMS! So don’t let you children eat them. My dog once had what seemed like an epileptic fit due to chewing on a toadstool.

And, if you’re REALLY unlucky, you’ll have a very unappealing looking fungus called a puffball, which can grow to the size of a human head.

So, what do people say about how to get rid of them? I’ve found 5 different views:

1 – Don’t get rid of them. They look nice, and they are a healthy addition for your grass/lawn
2 – Just pick the head off of them “mushroom” section of the fungi. Let the stalks/roots carry on growing (I suppose this is linked to #1)
3 – Dig the entire thing out (can be quite difficult if you have a lot of toadstools in your garden)
4 – Aerate the area around the fairy ring. I have NO idea how this will help
5 – Use a fertilizer high in Nitrogen

I’ve tried the digging out of these toadstools, as my lawn is not that large. And, I’ve also read that you must rather water your lawn at dawn, as watering at night might be good for fighting evaporation, the lack of sun leaves the grass blades moist, and an ideal environment for growing fungus.

Anyhow, good luck, and any other tips, please leave them here as comments.

2 Replies to “Mushrooms, Toadstools, Fairy Rings and other Fungi”

  1. I have this big bright yellow Toadstool or object coming up all over my garden. If looks like the fairtale Faces. It is about 20cm already with wart like texture. Is it Poisoness? I have small kids and a Bull terrier.

  2. wwhen cleaning out our tomato patch, I looked down and saw a red pointed morel of some kind in the middle of the plot. It was probably the size of a small childs finger only a bit longerwhen I picked it up it was the color of a mushroom in the dirt and red from there up.

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