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IndoorPotPlants.jpgAnother good idea for making a place look more lived in is to add a few pot plants. Of course, don’t go adding plants that your gran would have added (assuming you are not a gran). Some indoor pot plants that can be really nice (and, once again, cheapish) are cactii (cactuses), or similar plants.

The BEST thing about a cactus is, you don’t have to water it everyday, and they can withstand quite a lot. Which can be a good thing if you want to put one on a window sill in the bathroom.

Some other cool indoor plants are:

  • Herbs – Can be useful at a later stage if you like the idea of using fresh, home-grown herbs for cooking
  • Aloes – For example, Dwarf Aloes.
  • Bonsai Trees – Careful, these need quite a bit of care, especially if you want it to “grow” properly and in shape.

Another thing about potted plants is, when you buy the plant, you might need to re-pot it. One way you can tell is, if the pot is really small, and the plant’s roots seem to be struggling for space, then you will need to put the plant in a bigger pot. Of course, a big reason for repotting a plant is to put it in a nicer flower pot, one that may be more suited to your home…

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  1. i beg to disagree with cactus inside a house because it contradics with feng sui ideas w/c brings bad fortunes inside a house.

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