Herb Garden in 24 hours

Want to know how to create a herb garden in 24 hours? Hopefully this series of articles will help you do this. Herbs are always a good thing to have in your garden. There are medicinal herbs, culinary herbs, and, of course, there are the spices. Sometimes it’s good to mix herbs and spice, especially if you enjoy that extra bit of flavour in your food…

Some reasons for growing a herb garden are:

  • For decoration – Herbs can also have some flowers that can add to the look of your garden
  • For medicinal herbs – Natural medicine is something that is becoming quite popular at the moment, and there are herbs for every type of ailment, like weight loss, colds, fevers, depression, etc…
  • Herbs for cooking – Herbs are obviously a great addition to cooking, adding extra flavour, sometimes subtle, sometimes not.

So, what I’m going to be doing is documenting the process of creating a basic herb garden. I will mainly be planting herbs for food, as, being married to an Italian, my wife definitely know how to cook with herbs. 😉

Before we begin, let me show you what to expect:




Unfortunately, the 24 hours is man hours, not “1 Day”. So, if you’re doing this by yourself (and, this also depends on the size of your herb garden), the 24 hours can be spread over a few days. But here’s a bit of a preview after 22 hours. You can see that I still need to do some straightening out and some filling up:


In the coming days I will be posting more information on the herbs I’ve used, but if you’re still not sure what herbs you personally would like to use, browse around. There are a ton of websites with information on herb use, and on some of them you can even buy seeds or cuttings to help start you off.


Here are the articles that will help and guide you when creating your herb garden:

Herb Garden – Step 1 – Mark out your area
Herb Garden – Step 2 – Remove the grass
Herb Garden – Step 3 – Laying the stepping stones
Herb Garden – Step 4 – Plant the herbs
Herb Garden – Step 5 – Look after it
Herb Garden – Before and After

3 Replies to “Herb Garden in 24 hours”

  1. What a beautiful herb garden! Your herb garden is very inspiring. What kind of herbs did you plant? I would love to see more photos of it.


  2. Thanks for your great comment. I really should put an updated photo of the complete garden. I’ve just been battling the Winter Dry season in South Africa, so the grass isn’t great. But most of the herbs are.

    I’ll add another comment once the post is up, and it should have what herbs I’ve used. From what I remember, I have:
    Lemon Grass
    Marjorum (or Marjoram?)

  3. I really like the idea of using paving stones to create sections.
    My husband and I just purchased a home in Puerto Rico and I want to make an herb garden. In puerto Rico the herbs will take over if you let them. We do not get much cold weather so…they just grow and grow. I think that the pavers will help in keeping the herbs in one place.
    What size pavers did you use?

    Thank you for posting your garden on the web. This is the first garden I have found online that was not a boring square or rectangle.

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