Coricraft Morningside – Suckers for Punishment

Those suckers would be us. My wife and I decided to give the eager beavers a chance at a sale. I mean, if they were so eager to sell us something the first time we walked in the shop, SURELY they would be able to sell us something we wanted.

Anyway, after the bad service at Coricraft Sandton (which I wrote in this post: “Coricraft Sandton – From excellent to SHOCKING!“), we decided to ask for the desk and display unit in Coricraft Morningside.

We went into the store on Saturday, and they told us the stock was arriving in Cape Town (via ship) during the week, on Tuesday the latest. They would then phone us by Thursday and let us know if we could place an order, because they wouldn’t let us order stock they didn’t have. Fair enough.

Chairs for sale at CoricraftNext Saturday came around, no phone call, so we went BACK to the store. Hmmm… The manager wasn’t in the store, but the lady behind the counter left a note on the desk where the mananger sits, and he would phone us on Monday.

Guess what. STILL no phone call. How many months has it been? All I can say is, I’m sure Coricraft hires people who have not been through school. Is that a generalisation??? Well, the stories have STILL not finished. Believe it or not, there’s more to come.

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  1. customer service line is never answered, it will ring until your cellphones battery runs flat. when we complain about then we get attitude like “who the hell are you to complain”.
    We made specific arrangements that they deliver at 18H00 the Friday. Guess what – they deliver the previous thursday night at 20h00… they phone us when they are at the gate where are we – no prior changes to the arrangements. we were out. the driver very upset. delivers a damaged goods the next day. I sent the goods back the driver and staff left my place in total disarray. coke bottles were emtied onto drive way. all packaging left strewn over my lawn. Very Disgusted. — Then You try calling Customer services No answer. call the store – Oh no they cannot do anything about that. Well maybe this should get to the MD’s desk. our experience was not satisfying. really will think 3,4 times before I buy from them again, Will not recomend them at all!! Unles something is done to alleviate our total disgust with company….

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