Coricraft Morningside – Psychotic Uselessness

Have you ever walked into a furniture store looking to see if there’s anything that will suit your house? With a lot of people moving into town-house complexes, this can also mean searching furniture stores for furniture that will just plain FIT in your house. Well, that was the one thing we did when we walked into Coricraft Morningside the first time.

We noticed a nice set of dining room chairs that we thought would look great in our as-yet unfurnished dining room. Unfortunately, I’m not always the prepared type, so I did not have the exact measurements of our dining room, so just buying 6 or 8 chairs can become quite risky if you’re buying without careful thought. Unfortunately for us, the lady in the store was quite eager to make a sale. Why UNFORTUNATELY?! Well, the conversation went a little like this:

Sales Assistant (SA): Hi, can I help you
Us: No thanks, we’re just looking
SA: I see you’re looking at these chairs. Do you like them
Us: Yes we do.
SA: Would you like to buy them?
Us: Not yet thanks. We’re still deciding, and we’re not sure how many we can get.
SA: Well, they’re on sale, and you should buy them now while we have stock
Us: Thanks, but we’ll discuss it.
SA: Ok, but remember, we might not have them in stock soon
Us: Ok. thanks. We’ll go home and decide.
SA: But they might sell out.
Us: Yes. But we need to make sure.
SA: Ok, I’ll be over there if you need me, but like I said, they might sell out this week.
Us (to each other): QUICK. Get out while we’re still alive…

Ok, the last line I just made up, but it might have been close to something like that. Anyway, that sales pitch might be some people’s cup of tea, but it DEFINITELY is not ours… It might not sound so bad written down, but when you’re discussing whether you can afford something, and whether they’re really worth their price, and whether you can actually take them, the LAST thing you need is such “dedicated” Coricraft Customer Service.

But wait, there’s more!

3 Replies to “Coricraft Morningside – Psychotic Uselessness”

  1. well, you were lucky, my conversation with the sales assistant went something like this:
    SA: Hi
    Me: Hello
    SA: Like anything?
    Me: Well, yes, actually I’m very interested in a few pieces …
    SA: Ha ha ha ha ha
    Me: Sorry …?
    SA: 3 months!
    Me: 3 months for what?
    SA: well, let’s just say, pick the worst of the lot and the soonest you might think of having it is in 3 months… ha ha ha ha
    Me: Hmmm ok, is this a joke?
    SA: Nope (very arrogant), just that the next shipment and probably the after that of all the things you’ve loked at are already booked .. ha ha ha ha, others have already paid!
    Me: So can’t I buy from what you have here?
    SA: No! You can’t buy anything – not off the floor .. ha ha ha ha anything else? HA ha ha
    Me: Ok quit it now! Speak sense – can you not look things up and tell me what is available on the next shipment then?
    SA: Ha ha ha ha … everybody wants that ha ha ha
    Me: Ok I’ve had enough now

    This done while swaggering around with the attitude of I’ve got it all – you little woman what hope have you got of getting any of this! Looking at me down his snotty nose – Coricraft Design Quarter!

  2. Any idea what this person’s name was? Because I’m still going to be writing about my “Design Quarter” experience. The guy not only got evil looks from my wife and I, but EVERYBODY else around, thanks to the way he spoke.

  3. It seems to me that this is regular occurence at any corricraft branch. I went into the tygervalley branch and I got the same attitude. I enquire about a coffee table and they told me they have long list of people who has put down a 50% deposit for the next shipment. I ask the sales assistant to check how many they are expecting and he said only 20 but they have 30 people on the waiting list who have already put down their deposits. He wanted to get me to put down the deposit but I refused. They sell nice stuff but if they want to stay in bussiness they have to step up their service because that is what it is all about after all.

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