Coricraft Sandton – From excellent to SHOCKING!

Just before I got married, my (now) wife and I ordered 2 leather couches from Coricraft Sandton. I must say, service was excellent. The staff phoned when the furniture was ready, and they delivered it fine, with no damage, and as on time as you can possibly get in South Africa.

Six months later, and we spotted a matching display unit and desk on the floor in the shop. In my personal opinion, they are a stylish combination, and I am proud that we eventually bought them. Even though it took 8 months to eventually receive. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me start at the beginning.

We walked into the Coricraft Sandton store, and noticed the 2 pieces of furniture. Unfortunately, the desk had a “SOLD” sign on. So we asked the lady on the floor if she could find out if they had any more stock in the warehouse. She said she would check, and phone us back during the week. 2 weeks later, and no phone call.

Coricraft ClownSo, we went back to the store, and spoke to the manager. He said he would follow up with the staff member, and ensure she phoned us by Tuesday. Saturday came round, and STILL no phone call. So, we phoned the manager. This time he said he would phone us back during the week.

Do I feel like a CLOWN for believing him?!? He still hasn’t phoned. 10 months later!

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  1. Can a relationship endure Coricraft service

    Hi as most newly weds my wife and I visited Coricraft in Fourways to purchase some dining room chairs

    We were most happy with the sales lady who was eager to conclude the sale and actually very friendly

    So on the 10 June 2006 we happily concluded the deal and paid in full over R6, 000.00 plus delivery charge for our 8 new chairs which were to arrive off the ship on the 20 June 2006 and would be delivered no later than the 30 June 2006.

    Well end of June arrived and after contacting the store and warehouse depot on numerous occations we were told that actually they had sold all those chairs to somebody else but the new stock would arrive in a few days and they would get them to us directly

    Well a few days ended up being a few months with numerous calls from my side only and continually being told they would deliver soon until eventually on the 30 August a mere 3 months later we actually received our fabulous chairs

    Total cost was now
    Rand 6600.00
    Telephone calls R 350.00
    Interest lost on funds R 220.00
    And is it possible to place a value on how much this transaction
    affected my relationship with my new wife
    Dont promise your wife anything from Coricraft you can continue saying it will be here this week

  2. i have dealt with coricraft numerous times and has never experienced any problems. the stores in menlyn and centurion are exceptionally good. my boyfriend on the other hand are also not very impressed with coricraft, since he bought 2 pieces, a mirror and a server, which were both damaged. i went to pick up the server from the wynberg warehouse and when i opened the sealed packaging it was damaged.

  3. Hmmm… Well, I guess you are the lucky one, Careli. 5 out of 5 people I know have had issues. And, after getting a new delivery last week (overdue by 4 weeks), it came damaged. Guess what, the replacement was also damaged (which arrived yesterday).

    Brian, if Coricraft caught a wake-up, they might realise that they are losing face… I just wish more people would read this before going. If you want the same type of furniture, we have had a good experience with “Java” (I think that’s what they’re called). It’s a store in Fourways (among other places), close to the “Doppio Zero” coffee shop.

  4. I whish I had done a search on the web, before I bought from Coricraft. Too no one’s surprise I am also waiting for a mirror and console, bought at the design quarter branch, which I can not get any answers on where the stock is. I was told (at the end of August, when I purchased the goods, that I should expect delivery towards the end of September, we are now approuching end of October, and no one from Coricraft has had the decensy to contact me. I’ve been back to the store, as well as phoned, and e-mailed,the design quarter branch, as well as their Wynberg wharehouse, I keep getting the same response “we are busy with a stock take, as soon as we’ve completed our stock take, we will contact you”. Ye right, I myself work for a retailer, and believe me, stock takes, do not exceed a week?
    I am nervous reading everyone else’s comments, seems I am in for a long wait, what do they say “Xmas is coming”, well with the type of service as mentioned in the comments, Xmas would have passed before I get what I’ve bought.
    Is it ethical to make customers pay a 50% deposit, they earn interest on our money, and all we get in return are lies, and a headace. Maybe they aren’t in the furniture business ?
    Not impressed for what is awaiting me.

  5. ek het ‘n nuwe oortreksel bestel en volledig betaal by coricraft canalwalk. twee maande later was hulle nog besig om die matriaal te bestel. niemand het my ooit in die tyd gekontak om die probleem te bespreek nie. ek het my geld teruggevra, wat hulle dadelik gegee het, sonder enige verskonings!!!

  6. On the 17th of December 2006.
    For the past month my fiance and I have been going to Coricraft almost every weekend, we selected our couches and fabric, great service. We are only moving in to our new home on the 1st of February and as per the advise of the staff we were advised not to place our order until the middle of December. On Sunday we went to the Coricraft shop in Canal Walk, placed our order only to discover that the price was R2000 more than our previous visit. Oh sorry, our prices have increased. The consultants at the store could not assist us and said there was nothing they could do. After just watching a customer rant and rave at them before we were attended too and watching the consultants roll their eyes at him we decided that it would be best not to deal with this company as clearly they have absolutely no idea what customer service is all about. I have phoned head office and no one in mangement will return my calls or is willing to speak to me. I am disgusted by this- I could have ordered and paid for the couches in full but upon their advise I waited till the middle of the month!

  7. Very interesting I might add! I have also ordered a TV unit from Coricraft Centurion. Paid my deposit of R4000 about month ago. Delivery I was told will be end of April. Two weeks after I paid my deposit a lady from the warehouse phoned and told my that my tv unit will be here at end of Feb. Very excited by the good news! Lets see what happens and if Coricraft can stick to their guns!

  8. I was looking for their website as I’ve been to the Centurion Branch last week and saw what I wanted and they are having specials. Dining suite and TV cabnet. I juat wanted to confirm pricing when I came across this website. I’ve changed my mind after reading these comments. I suggest you demand all you money back with the interest. The contract has not been concluded as you have not taken delivery of the product. You are entitled to it with interest.

  9. We are about to furnish a whole house with Coricrafrt but i am getting nervous,we cannot find furniture as exciting as the “corri” range. JAVA is mentioned in another comment but can anybody confirm their web site(if any). We furnished a 2 bed apartment in Cape Town with Coricraft and had great service they even swopped a 4 seater for a 2 seater when they could not get the 4 seater to the18th floor. We picked the furniture while on a visit to SA told them the developers “move in date” and did all the correspondence via email with Ann Vercuiel. Guess i will go with my own experiance and order again but with a few caveat’s

  10. Well, my complaints/experiences are really just MY experiences, and the comments are both good and bad for Coricraft.

    I had a GREAT experience with JAVA, specifically the “Craighall” branch. I ordered a dining room table, and one of the legs was damaged, so we changed it very easily. Brought the leg into the branch, and swapped it out. Just like that.

    So, I can recommend them. But obviously I can’t guarantee you’ll get good service. Maybe I was lucky. Maybe not. Let me know if you try them and how it goes.

    If ANYBODY has a good experience with somebody and would like to write an article about it, leave a comment (making sure you leave a valid e-mail address in the e-mail field), and I will contact you. You will probably get read by about 100 people a day, so voice your opinions and recommendations.

  11. Let the games begin… well well.. my fun has just started.. My last posting was when Cinday from warehouse phoned me to inform me my tv unit will be here end of Fed and not end of April.. Well well .. I have phoned Cindy Monday few times no luck! Left message to call back.. guess what .. nothing! I have phoned Ian (twice)the guy that helped me with my order in Cnt and he was not in.. left messages.. guess what.. He did not phone back… So I asked for the store Manager Doreen and left message.. GUESS WHAT!??? She did not phone back.. GUESS WHAT!!!! I will have that tv unit if that is the last thing I do on God’s earth! Does any of these shop know about this site and all the bad bad publisity they get.. because of their shitty service! And do any of you know about a website like this for VW.. just as shitty service their?

  12. Well Gautengers, you are not the only ones who have had problems with Coricraft. I ordered 2 bachelor chairs from the Canal Walk branch. Wonder upon wonder, they had no stock. I paid a 50 % deposit for the chairs. The salesman promised to call me in the week to let me know when the next shipment would arrive. After two weeks, nada. I went into the shop again, spoke to the manager who also promised to call me before the end of the day. Yes………. I gave him a week. Nothing. Went back to the shop and asked for my deposit back. Guess what they asked: “Can we interest you in something else to the same value?”. What the heck???????????

  13. Hi,

    This is such a joke. just yesterday i walked into Coricraft Centurion, I was looking for a dresser, they do not keep dressers but I spotted the perfect mirror for my dining room. I assumed the sloppy dressed lady was the assistant for she had just finished assisting another customer. I asked her about the mirror which was R890,00+-. She told me I could make my order and that it will be delivered from Wynburg. Cost of delivery R375.00 if you are local. My husband asked if it could be delivered to their branch and we could pick up from them. No, we are just a showroom, was the reply. I thought, well, compared to the mirror the cost of delivery was too much but, aside from that my husbands head turned hot at her abnoxious attitude. My husbands a business man who believes in providing the best possiable service and expects the best possiable service in return, and this lady sent his head spinning. I on the other hand are a lot more tolerant of peoples behaviours so I let it go but, with my husband, there would be a hugh fight and we do not go back to the store. I asked my husband to be still and we decided that we would phone the store in Wynburg to see if we could get some joy. That is what I was about to do a little while ago and was surprised to find that my husband was perfectly right in the way he felt about the assistant. I did, the same day walk around the corner to Osis(stand to be corrected in regard to the spelling of the name) furniture, and if you compare dress and ethics, Coricraft is chalk compared to cheese. Thank you for your feedback. It is amazing how poor customer service is in South Africa. It is almost as bad as the crime.

  14. My future husband and I are about to furnish our house. I was pretty sure I would be buying our couches from Corricraft…before coming across this blog, that is. Where else in CT can I find couches in natural colours, with the same look and with removable covers? I really like the Corricraft couches but I’m scared to even venture into their store now!

  15. Hi Bronwynne. I’m not sure if they have stores in Cape Town, but you could try out “Java“. I always thought it was called “Java Plantation“, but the store in Fourways only says “Java”. VERY similar to Coricraft furniture, but all my experiences have been great with them. AND they have stock IN THE STORES!!! At least, they did where we went (3 times).

  16. Hi Bronwynne. We furnished a 2bed apartment in Cape Town with Corrie furniture with no problems the service was very good and delivered on time this was in Aug 05.Since then they have opened more showrooms in CPT and offer an even greater range. We like you love the range and choice Corrie offer. We have now moved to Pietermartzburg and looked high and low for comparable furniture in KZN all to no avail so we are going back to Coricraft to order for our new home.The so much talked about “JAVA” only seems to exist in JBN and no body gives the full details so one could ring and ask them are they located elsewhere.

  17. Hi John. Here is some info I found from the the site. Looks like The Java Plantation is not in Cape Town, but the site might be outdated:

    Java Plantation The
    2 Design & Decor Cntr Forest Rd, Four Ways, Johannesburg
    011 4673767

  18. My experience is that people do not take pride in their work anymore, nor does furniture shop take pride in theirs! I had a really unpleasant experience this weekend with Lifestyle of Living. Last week Tuesday I strolled into the Woodmead branch, looking for dinning room table. Young salesmen helped me and I decided on one. I asked him if possible can they delivery by Friday. Yes mam sure.. I told him if he can not delivery on Friday that I will not do the deal. No he will arrange. Long story short, he organise private driver to deliver my dinning room table which never arrive on Friday nor Saterday. When he phoned me on Saterday he was suprised to hear that my table was delivered. They can not seem to get hold of the driver he organised? Not even sorrry mam, can we offer you discount or here a voucher for all the inconvenience.. And for Coricraft I don’t even think I want to go there.. my tv unit is late.. Cindy from warehouse claims she never told me my unit will be here at end of Feb, will only be middle March.. Well if not middle March I am not waisting my time any further!

  19. Hi

    I visited the Coricraft shop in Fourways and came back to check their website and only to find all the sad mails I have read. I want to thank all the people who shared their stories because they prepared us as we were going to pay 50% end of the march, no more.


  20. I was going to buy a couch from corricraft canalwalk for R7000, no more. Sounds like they are coining it from the interest on the 50% deposits and sacrificing customer service to fuel their own greed.

  21. Sjoe, I’m really disappointed in the service that all of you guys got from Corricraft. I just want to say that I do know of one good experience with Corricraft. A friend of mine bought a lounge suite from Fourways and although she had to wait some time for it to be delivered, she was never kept in the dark. From the moment she paid the deposit until the suite was delivered everything took place exactly like the saleslady told her it would. Needless to say the suite is very stylish and were we stay(Welkom, Free State) you really don’t have many options for stylish furniture. Sad thing is that I was also considering buying from Corricraft but after reading these posts I might think twice. I will now just have to surf a bit more to find a nice furniture website. Any ideas?? Thanks for sharing your experiences on this site, if only more people would do it we would sure be able to force improvement in customer service in SA.

  22. A main problem in SA is the lack of decent websites for stores, like furniture stores. I mean, have a look at the Coricraft website. Not exactly a site that inspires confidence.

    And, whether you decide to use another furniture supplier, or Coricraft, please come back and tell us so we know how it goes… Especially if you find a place that ends up being good quality and good service (even if you’re lucky enough that it’s Coricraft).

  23. Thx for creating a space to vent. I can relate to all complaints and tell a few stories of my own experience of Corricraft’s bad service, inefficient and uninformed staff and late delivery of damaged furniture. After shopping around for a while we saw the perfect coffee table (top marks there – good products and good prices) at Salt River branch but were told that they couldnt sell it as it was the last one and they were not sure whether they would be getting more – duh! so keeping it on the floor just for a tease then?? Hubby and I both find it extremely hard to accept “no” so we persisted and went to Canal Walk branch where we were informed that said coffee table was definitely on order but no idea as to when it would arrive as this goes thru HO which is in Salt River. So back to Salt River and tried to get to the top of the shop management to get some answers. Usual story, they will find out and come back to us, we wait a week – no reply, we go back to them another promise to get back to us but they dont and this goes on for a while until finally we start making progress and get confirmation that a shipment is on its way. We pay the deposit and follow up as they dont bother to contact us even after the delivery date has already past. Finally our coffee table is delivered complete with chip about half the size of R5 coin in glass. We werent going to take the chance of having to chase them up for another month so we just accepted it. We tried to get compensation for the cost of having the glass replaced but this was an uphill battle and we tired of wasting more time on them.

  24. Friends of ours ordered a set of couches from Corri, pd the deposit and a few days later the same couches were marked down. They requested that they be given the same discount on the couches they had ordered. After lots of phone calls they finally got to speak to a manager who said that he would be unable to discount their couches as the quality of the leather which would be used in manufactuing the marked down couches would be inferior to that of the leather which would be used to make their couches and also that it would take a few weeks longer. They called his bluff and said they would wait a few weeks longer to have the inferior leather and enjoy the saving. To satisfy their curiosity they checked with a sales assistant regarding quality of leather of sale items and were assured that there was absolutely no difference. The couches were finally delieverd and there was no difference besides the R1000 saving. What the Corri manager gained by telling this fib is anybody’s guess!

  25. Hi all,

    I ordered 2 couches in April 2006, and was todl it would take approximetly 8 weeks for delivery. Never imagined i would only recive my couches late August 2006. And guess what, they delivered 2 sepearte couches, not the correct order. They brought 2 different colours.. They refused to take the incorrect colour back. They said i must ahve ordered the worng color, but why on earth would i order 1 cream and 1 red couch that is uppose to be my lounge set… I have had a very poor experince with Coricraft and can ensure you that i will never put my foot in their establisment again. Ohh and are you experiencing your cushions going all flat in the first month of purchase…… Very poor

  26. We run a retail outlet and showroom at 210 Loop Street. Our business is geared for excellent customer service – we can show you what your new leather sofa will look like in your living room before you order – just email us a digital pic – and we will model your interior for you at no charge. Our lead time is 4 weeks for Cape Town and 6 weeks for other areas. Perhaps we can offer a different shopping experience if you are looking for leather/ hide and upholstered furniture, accessories, lighting and more! We supply domestic, corporate and hospitality customers.
    African Young Originals
    021 426-2304/5/6

  27. Hi Bronwynne

    I don’t have a complaint about Coricraft for the simple reason that i learn out of other people’s mistakes (my sister)!!!

    You said you were looking for couches similar to the ones you get at coricraft. Well, my fiance and i bought couches (with removable covers) almost exactly the same from Furniture City for R 2999.00 each. Good service (and after sales) all round. The couches were delivered the very next day!!!

  28. Hi,
    I am so thankful to all who posted their opinions on this website.
    I had a similar problem with a local furniture store in the northern cape, Zancari’s.

    My husband and i just moved to Olifantshoek and needed furniture fast! But we where willing to wait for that perfect chair!

    So we ordered 2 chairs (R21 000) through Zancari’s from Spear and Hunter. Zani, the owner said it would take 6 to 8 weeks for the furniture to arrive. This was in October. 3 Months later, 15 December to be exact, we phoned them for the last time, after numerous calls from our side and even going in to the store we finally found out that we where succered in to sitting on the floor for 3 months. There final excuse was that the furniture line was discontinued and that Spear and Hunter led them to believe the two chairs where on their way.

    So after this ordeal we saw a leaflet in a book from coricraft. And were willing to go the distance again! So if anyone has had a beter experiance with another furniture store, PLEASE let me know!!!

    Thanks and Good Luck

    Oh and dont be a fool, id rather have the best furniture, that will last than nice furniture, with loads of anger and frustration, which only gives the furniture a bad aura!!!!

  29. Where does one start. Not only is Corricraft Salt River a tease when it comes to service, but no one in the store has a clue as to what is going on there. My husband and I went to purchase a TV Cabinet but as usual everything was on order. While looking around in the store we saw a buffet cabinet, and was told by one of the staff members walking by that it was an end of range product and we could actaully buy the cabinet. I went upstairs to the who knows what department and asked the gentleman about the cabinet and he told me that it was not for sale and he could order one for me. I told him that I would be back on the Saturday to pay my deposit. Well well well on the Saturday I was told tha the cabinet was sold months ago and he never ever told me that he could find me a cabinet. Well not only was I made to be a liar (that after my kids and husband heard him tell me that he could get me one), the manager also gave me the lame excuse of sorry lady but it was a mistake!! A mistake?? I beg your pardon. Eventually I was told that there was stock in Johannesburg and I would be contacted on the Monday to confirm this. I am still waiting for the call………
    I am sorry to say this but Corricraft will never ever see me again

  30. Thanx heavans I got to this site in time, I am busy renovating 2 homes, 1 in Cape Town and one in Johannesburg for retirement( want to have the best of both worlds) and were looking for who to contact about furniture.Coricraft came to mind as I saw an ad earlier this week.But after what I just read, TOTSIENS Coricraft, I would rather look for a more reliable supplier…plenty around…to spend my R240,000 budget.

  31. Hi Hermann,
    Why dont you give us a call. We have a factory in Johannesburg and a showroom in Cape Town? Our service is excellent and we can customise any item.
    We also have a large standard range.
    Tracey Ann

  32. For anybody interested in buying from JAVA, read this… (and you thought Coricraft was bad)…

    My husband and I recently got married and we saw this gorgeous day bed at Java in Fourways so we put down a deposit and eagerly awaited delivery of our awesome new piece of furniture. It was made from wood and had rope woven around some of the wood in various places. It came with lots of cushions and we paid for extra cushions too. The weekend before the delivery was due to take place, we happened to be in the area and we went back into the Java store to look at the day bed again. We noticed that this particular one had wood splinters on the one side but we weren’t worried… I mean, it’s not like they were going to send us the one off their showroom floor or anything, right? WRONG!!! The bed arrived, surprise surprise… it had wood splinters in the exact same place as the one on their floor and what’s more, some of the cushions had stains on them and they short-delivered by one cushion. So I phoned them and asked them if they sent me one from the factory or off their showroom floor. They promptly lied and assured me that we got a brand new one from their warehouse. So I told them that they were lying and to come and replace the day bed and the cushions and to bring the extra cushion we paid for but never received. They took two weeks and then arrived with the WRONG day bed, the wrong size cushion covers and they forgot to bring the extra cushion!!! So I sent all the wrong size cushions back along with the day bed. Two weeks later, they came back again with a day bed that looked right but upon closer inspection, turned out to be the one off their floor again… that splintering wood AND THEY STILL FORGOT TO BRING MY EXTRA CUSHION!!! It is now a month since the last bed arrived and I am still awaiting some kind of response. We managed to get hold of a more senior employee who turned out to be just as useless. We have now laid down three options: either they give us a discount for floor stock or they replace the bed with a brand new one or they refund us completely and come collect their furniture. The “more senior employee” never bothers to get back to us and doesn’t do anything about the situation, nor does he even offer his apologies for his incompetence! To date, we continue to wait to hear from these people and we have to phone them all the time to find out what is happening.

    I heard that Java was recently taken over by new owners (just before we made our regretted purchase) so maybe they were good in the past but they are by far the worst company I have ever dealt with. My brother and his wife also bought a bed from Java and had service from them almost as bad as ours so I must regretfully assume that this is the standard of service you can expect to receive from these people. Do yourselves a favour… buy elsewhere!!! Oh yes, we’re also still waiting for that extra cushion…

  33. Oh dear! I bought two couches 8 years ago from Coricraft, and as we are building a new house, we decided to go with Coricraft for our new lounge furniture because the old couches still look brand new. We decided to put the new couches in the “formal” lounge and the old in the informal lounge. With 4 cats and a dog (there were two dogs not so long ago) it is no mean feat for the old couches to still be in tip top condition. I was terribly disappointed to read these comments, but will definately be looking into further options. A huge pity for Coricraft as I really can say that their furniture wears unbelievably well. Hopefully they wont rest on their laurels and will get their act together!

  34. I ordered my corricraft couch 4 yrs ago. i was told that there would be a 3 month wait due to it being end of the year and very busy. I am pleased to say that i received my coulch at the end of 3 months as promised. Initiallit i wasn’t pleased at being told about the 3 month wait, but at least i didn’t get the run around and i knew that i was in for a long wait….

  35. Our experiences with Coricraft…..they will NEVER call you back. You can stand on your head and sing hallelujah and they will still not call you back!!!!!

  36. So once bitten twice shy…I thought that I would once again give Coricraft the benefit of improving my tainted perception post my last order. We proceeded to purchase in excess of 50K’s worth of furniture with Coricraft, only to find that the sales lady was all so willing to take the cash, but no where to be found when it came to dealing with the mess up and delays on the delivery aspect of the furniture. I had to laugh at all the non returned phone calls…I am still awaiting their regional office to call me back – 8 months and still waiting…delivered damaged goods, incorrect goods, 2 months delay on the actual couches…need I go on. So today I decide to give them another go and proceed to look for a couch and a few other furniture items. I walk into the new “The Palms” branch and aks the sales lady what is available off the floor. We saw a couch that was perfect in colour etc and she suggested that we possibly take the one off the floor and they can replace it with another couch of same style, but a different colour. Here I was prepared to pay the full price even though it was a display unit, plus buy additional items, TV unit, Dining Table etc…only to be told sorry sir, but you cant have that couch as my manager says the other couch will not fit the floor display as it is a different colour! So instead of me spending another 30K there and then, I walked out of the store not spending a cent. So I go to another reputable supplier and I am told that I can chose whatever is on the floor, if not my colour they will make it up in 3 weeks and I am more prepared to select something off the floor to use in the interim while they manufacture mine at no extra cost! Now Coricraft that is what you call service!

  37. I am horrified at the comments i was considering having new slip covers made for my two couches and ottoman but now i am extremely wary can someone give me some sound advice.With existing Coricraft i thought it best for sizing and fit.

  38. Service at Coricraft is disgusting! I had to request a full refund for my dining room chairs! I needed them for my Christmas dinner – they promised delivery on the 17 December, that is one month from date of purchase! On the 24 December, still nothing. I had to rush to another furniture store to buy dining chairs. I refused to deal with them further… Hopefully they will refund me my R9500 in full! Quality of service and furniture has deteriorated. 3 years ago they wer the best in the game! Now it’s just yuck. Their stores are filthy too… The furniture is gathering dust! It says a lot!

  39. Stung twice, never again. Thats why they take 50% upfront – you cant back out. Perhaps consumer protection act will help with companies like Corricraft?

  40. I cant believe what i have read I ordered 2 couches a good few years ago and i must say the wait was extremely long but i thought this was normal and over Christmas. Now i am ready to order again and am very nervous its a pity as i find their products quite trendy and modern not sure what to do.

  41. Very recently my fiance and I went to Corricraft’s Tyger Valley shop to buy a dinner table and chairs which I had seen previously. We paid a 50% deposit but were told we cannot have the table because it’s the last one on the floor and they had to wait for replacement stock which were due soon. We didn’t hear for almost two months and when my fiance phoned to enquire about the table on the floor, we were told it was sold to someone else and that they were still awaiting their new stock. It became so unpleasant that they eventually forfeited their delivery fee of almost R400. When the new stock arrived we had to go to their warehouse to pick a table which were then finally delivered. Thus, they took our 50% deposit, which they had for 2 months, for a table which they almost immediately sold to someone else.

  42. Het n Daybed by Coricraft in East Gate JHB bestel die 18 de Maart 2013 en 50% deposito betaal daar en dan, die verkoopsman het my n aflewerings datum gegee van 4 weke, na 2 weke om seker te maak hulle bly by hulle woord het ek maar weer die tak gebel om te hoor of my bestelling nog op datum gaan wees, tot my verbasing word daar vir my gesê dat die daybed is nog in produksie in Kaapstad. Ek byt maar op my tande en gee dit toe nog n week waarna ek weer die tak moes kontak want niemand kom terug na my, ek vra toe vir dieselfde verkoopsman om op hulle stelsel te gaan en te kyk hoe vêr my bestelling is, hy sê dat my bestelling is klaar en dis oppad JHB toe vir aflewering en sê dat ek kan maar die uitstaande bedrag kom betaal wat ek toe 2 dae later gaan doen het, toe ek weer vra om seker te maak dat my bestelling op datum is, word daar vir my gesê dat dit is nog nie klaar nie en dit sit nog onder in die Kaap met produksie en dit vat 4-6weke “for completion”

    Ek het toe behoorlik my speelgoed uit die kot gegooi net daar! As hulle standaard tyd tot 6 weke is, hoekom was daar vir my 4 weke gesê en dit wys op my invoice ook so dat dit sal reg wees die 15de April. Ek is baie teleurgesteld in Coricraft se diens, die verkoopspersoneel sê jou een ding en dan hulle distributers sê vir jou n ander. Ek sal nooit weer by n Coricraft koop nie, maak nie saak waar die tak is nie. NEVER NEVER NEVER GO TO CORICRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. To all potential buyers of Coricraft furniture it may be worthwhile to read about our horrific experience buying from Coricraft and the pathetic after sales service received.
    Buying furniture from Coricraft one definitely has an idea of excellence, good quality products as well as after sales support….NONE which was given by Coricraft!
    We have bought 2 couches, plasma unit, sideboard, display unit, dining table and bench.
    The couches had to be returned 3 times due to poor workmanship and leather quality. All the frames became squeaky in a matter of a few days, the leather had non natural marks and cuts on and on places where they have removed studs they just left the leather as is with little holes.
    The bench had to be replaced twice as the first one was not level and the second one had a bump on the one corner. The display unit had to be returned twice due to a bump on the drawer caused by their delivery team and then a door which did not close properly.
    For the third delivery I specifically requested that all products are thoroughly checked before it’s even loaded for delivery. It was confirmed that they have personally checked it yet it got here in a poor condition – telling me their standards are definitely not that of a customers.
    When they returned to my house to replace furniture my front door and gate was butchered by their delivery team and we’ve had to put in a claim with them to get the door replaced and the gate fixed. We struggled weeks to get payment and feedback from them. At one point they also stopped answering my emails. At the second pick up one of the delivery guys broke one of my picture frames which he apparently didn’t see. I then commented on an ad they had on FB where they publically said they will get the situation with the payment and the poor furniture sorted.
    All of this could still have been acceptable to some level if a professional approach was taken by their management but this was unfortunately also not the case. I insisted on talking to top management and got hold of the Head of the after sales department in Johannesburg. This man was shocked to hear all that has gone wrong and promised to sort this out – just delegating to someone in Cape Town who then also didn’t bother to get back to me and again I had to revert to him as he didn’t follow up nor returned any of my messages.
    Coricraft agreed to take back all their furniture and only refund me after a pickup was made. None of this was due to any fault of our own yet we are now without furniture for 4 weeks as we had to order from a new supplier. They also offered a R4000 voucher as compensation for inconvenience caused but now say this is unfortunately no longer available as I have taken my order to another supplier.
    After talking to various friends and family I have come to know that I wasn’t the only person who had this type of negative experience with Coricraft and many of them said they will NEVER buy from Coricraft again. One even had to return his table to get fumigated as it was invested with some type of bug. Talking to the delivery guys they admitted this happened a few times before where furniture had to be taken back to get fumigated.
    So unless you think you want to take a chance on poor products, poor after service and a store going back on their word – rather opt for a different store where they value the customer and strive to deliver excellent products and service. It is after all your hard earned money you are spending!

  44. Coricraft have simply ignored my phone calls and emails regarding a damaged leather couch that was delivered to my home. This is after they could not find my order on the system when I went into pay the balance (in response to an SMS from Coricraft) and charging me R1500 more than advertised for the same leather as the display unit.

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