Coricraft Menlyn – A different language

For those of you that don’t know, Menlyn is a MASSIVE shopping center (you could say Mall) in Pretoria. We decided to give a different city a try, because the Coricrafts in Johannesburg were just doing SUCH a bad job. So we went to the Coricraft Menlyn store and asked about the desk and unit. They checked, and found they had stock.

Coricraft Display Cabinet Bookshelf
GREAT!!! We were on our way. So, they ordered it, and said the warehouse, Coricraft Wynberg, would phone us to let us know when it was ready to be delivered. Well, we waited, and waited, and waited. Eventually, we phoned the Corcraft Menlyn store and the lady said she would phone use right back.

The next day, we phoned again. And, like the fools we seem to be, listened when she said she would phone us back. AGAIN!!! And, again, she did not. So we phoned and spoke to the manager… Guess what, just as useless.

To cut a short story long, we received our Study Desk, and Display unit/Bookshelf after a lot of back and forth.

GREAT! Or not. The Coricraft bookshelf was damaged.

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  1. Ordered a suite for son who has a flat , told we dont deliver above 3rd floor we will leave at door, can we pay extra? not interested (no order)

  2. Wow, what a struggle to get service! I dont know why Coricraft Menlyn even has a phone. They never answer. And never call back! The service is pathetic! We made the mistake to by something from them, and received it more than a month after we were supposed to! I’ll never put my foot in that place again!

  3. I love their furnishers,its beautiful but I was disappointed when I saw a dining table in Century city and when I came back to buy it , it was sold and they checked with all other shops and they dont have. I was told its discontinued. Is there anyway that I can find it maybe order it. I am willing to pay a R1000 MORE ON IT IF THAT CAN BE POSSIBLE.Please respond as I will be waiting for your responce

  4. Everything was pleasant up to the final payment. No communication. I had to phone to find out the status of everything, after waiting for 6 weeks. Delivery was promised for Wednesday 15 June, waited until 7pm, nothing!! Then a public holiday, they “can’t do anything”, maybe on Saturday, since the schedules are pre-booked. Mine was too…
    I am heating up here…Will let you all know what happens next.

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