Home Decorating Tip #7 – Create a focal point

This has been said before, and it will probably be said again, but this is the key issue when choosing how to decorate a room or other area of your house or garden. Take a look at a person’s face. Their eyes are the focal point, and your eyes will automatically be drawn to them. The same will happen when furnishing a room.

You could automatically have a focal point in the room ready, in which case you want to highlight and/or enhance the attraction of this feature. Here is a list of things that could be a focal point, or help create/improve a focal point;

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More info for your lawn

Here’s an interesting article I read that supplements my previous post about Planting Grass.

Some of the highlights from the article are:


“Climate: Make sure you choose the right type of grass for your climatic zone – enquire at your nearest nursery.

Budget: You won’t only have to cough up for water and fertiliser, as well as petrol or electricity for the lawn mower – the prices of various grass types can also vary greatly, especially if you want to plant instant lawn. Find out if the price includes the delivery and planting of the lawn.”

Planting method:

“Sow: This is the most economical way, provided that you are patient and keep the soil moist at all times. The seeds should germinate within four to seven days and after four to six weeks there will be a profusion of green blades…”
“Plugs or runners: This method is slightly more expensive than sowing but works especially well during the rainy season and all year round in areas with a mild climate, provided that enough water is available.”
“Sods: This is the most expensive method but it is the easiest and fastest way to produce a new lawn. Bear in mind that, for all three methods, the soil has to be prepared thoroughly because, unlike with an ordinary plant bed, you only get one chance to do it properly…”


My absolute FAVOURITE bit of this article is as follows:

“If you are having a new house built, insist that any topsoil in the proximity of the construction work is removed and kept to one side before it can be polluted by cement and rubble. The building contractor should remove all rubble before the topsoil is returned. This process is not negotiable and should be part of the building contract.”


This article can be read in it’s entirety at Property24.com

Lighting your garden with Solar Lights

SolarLight1.jpgOne nice and CHEAP way to light up your garden is to use Solar Powered Lights. These Solar Lights can be easy to install (put it together and stick it in the ground), and cost nothing once bought (unless you need to replace the batteries or bulbs, which shouldn’t happen very often).

I bought a couple of solar lights for my garden, and they work like a charm. They’re cute little things that just illuminate a section of the garden. I’m sure you can get solar lights with more powerful light bulbs, but the ones I bought are just there to accentuate and add a little bit of style to the garden.

You can even get solar fountains to add to your garden, which I think is a pretty clever idea, but if you already have a fountain or water feature, you could add a solar light or 2 around your feature, and voila, it is visible and highlighted all night. Now that’s just GREAT for those evening parties or dinners.

Mushrooms, Toadstools, Fairy Rings and other Fungi

Toad_Stool.jpgWell, for some people, Fariy rings are cool. But to others, fairy rings are just toadstools in your garden, ruining the look of your lawn… And PLEASE remember (especially for those people with kids, or even pets), Toadstools ARE NOT MUSHROOMS! So don’t let you children eat them. My dog once had what seemed like an epileptic fit due to chewing on a toadstool.

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Planting Grass

Ok. Here’s a useless piece of information that could be CRUCIAL…
– Make sure the builders remove ALL rubble before laying down your grass. Otherwise, everytime you mow the lawn, your windows will be playing dodge-ball with the stones that are flying around.
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