Home Decorating Tip #7 – Create a focal point

This has been said before, and it will probably be said again, but this is the key issue when choosing how to decorate a room or other area of your house or garden. Take a look at a person’s face. Their eyes are the focal point, and your eyes will automatically be drawn to them. The same will happen when furnishing a room.

You could automatically have a focal point in the room ready, in which case you want to highlight and/or enhance the attraction of this feature. Here is a list of things that could be a focal point, or help create/improve a focal point;

  1. Fireplace
  2. Windows
  3. A Painting or Photo on the wall
  4. A mirror
  5. A vase with flowers
  6. A wine rack

And, of course, it doesn’t always have to be inside the house. Here are some tips and ideas for creating a focal point in the garden:

  1. Water fountain
  2. Bird Bath or Bird Feeder
  3. A nice tree or shrub, especially a colorful one
  4. A garden path (leads your eye to a point)

Something to remember: keep the focal point in line with your theme/decor. It will enhance the effect when it blends and yet stands out at the same time. (Does a Japanese Bonsai tree in a cemented back yard REALLY count as a focal point???)



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