Bathroom Accessories – Your Bathroom, Your Haven

Bathroom Bath Scents RoseIn this article I will give you ideas for accessories for your bathroom using examples from my bathroom. Of course, you can leave some ideas in the comments below, especially if you’ve done something that you think is worth sharing.

On one of the corners of my bath, I have placed a little concrete pot that used to contain a plant. In this pot I have the candle lighter and a few of the small bathroom accessories. It’s just somewhere for you to keep the little necessities that otherwise could end up lying all over the place.

A funky laundry basket is a necessity, as your bathroom will always look neat. Don’t try to hide it, make it an accessory. I have a large wicker basket with a lid which is lined with a cream material. This material folds of the lip of the basket and contains the word “laundry” embroidered on it.

Plants in your bathroom can be a great idea, but be careful what plants you choose. A good plant would probably be a cactus of some sorts. But, many plants won’t survive the steam or heat of your bath/shower. After having a few plants that didn’t make it in my bathroom, I decided to place a tall, empty vase on the window sill. It is a great feature on it’s own.

Because my bathroom is decorated in different shades of earth tones, I have placed a wooden box next to the vase on the window sill. I use this box to hold accessories for my hair. Next to this I have placed a range of spa products. The jars are glass with earth tone colors. They look great on display, and this means that I didn’t have to hide them in the cupboard.

Remember, sometimes, hiding in plain sight can be good…

Bathroom Spa Products

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  1. Hello

    Id like to know where i can purchase a wicker laundry basket from. One that has a laundry bag inside it. i phoned quite a few places and most of them only have the round one in stocvk and the light wood. Im looking for a rectangular one in the darker shade.

    Thanks Mushra

  2. this was very interestin so i would love to get more information and pictures of decorated houses. i need inspiration cause i want to get into interior decorating when im done with with my tertiary studies.

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