A Vase, Some Roses, an easy idea

If you’ve been growing your roses and you’d like a simple, yet slightly different way to use them to decorate a table, here’s an idea we tried out at home that, personally, looks really good.

And, some benefits are that it’s really quick to do, and really quick to clean, as you’ll see.


– Tall glass vase
– About 5 or 6 different roses, cut at different lengths.

A quick idea to use your roses in a vase that looks really goodInstructions

We bought a cheapish tall glass vase from a shop called “Loads of Linen”. It looks quite stylish, but hey, maybe the fact that it was under R100 helps.

I cut a few roses at different lengths, including a couple where I only cut off the flowers. I tried to get a few different types of roses to add variety to the setup, but unfortunately the frost we had a couple of weeks ago didn’t exactly leave all my new roses blooming.

We then placed the different roses into the vase, with no water.

We decided to try this without water to see what it would look like considering that it might be quite hard to clean such a tall vase, and we don’t mind if the roses don’t last that long. That’s one of the bonuses of having a rose garden: it doesn’t cost quite so much to restock your flowers.


I hope you can see the effect in the photo. Unfortunately I’m still using a phone camera, so it’s not the greatest of pictures. Do you have any other ideas for easy table decorations?

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