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A recent visitor to this site was looking for a review of NetFlorist, which, according to is “South Africa’s Largest Flower and Gifting Service“.

I’ve used them a couple of times, and both times for Valentine’s Day (which I mentioned in my “Gift ideas for Mothers Day in South Africa” article). Perhaps twice is not a massive amount, but I think it’s enough to give you an account of my experiences.

Flower Day

I personally think Valentine’s Day must be the biggest day of the year for selling flowers so obviously not having the flowers in your hand on the day of the event can be quite nerve racking. Trusting a company like NetFlorist to be able to deliver on the day is obviously a big thing, and both times, they delivered perfectly for me.

A bunch of roses for the NetFlorist reviewBonuses

They also give you the option of having your flowers delivered the day before the big event, and if you choose this option they will often throw in a bonus item, like a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

I actually chose this option so that the flowers were delivered to me the day before, and I could give them to my wife on the morning of Valentine’s Day with breakfast…

I definitely scored with that…

…because my wife doesn’t eat chocolates, so I got to keep the Ferrero Rochers all to myself.


Anyway, both times that I used NetFlorist the flowers were delivered on time, and in good shape, and the basket & decorations that came with the flowers were great.

Here’s a quote from their site:

NetFlorist is South Africa’s largest flower and gifting service. They deliver throughout South Africa and are a same day service if orders are placed by 12 noon!

Click Here

So personally, I can recommend NetFlorist.

Have YOU been to and had an experience with them you’d like to share?

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  1. Hi Shelley,

    Thanks, I completely agree with you about GiftDay. I’ve recommended them a few times.

    For example, if you do a search for “advanced driving” on this site, you should see my review of the Audi Advanced Driving Course that I took (and is available via GiftDay’s website)…

  2. I received two magnificent bouquets during my recent stay in hospital, sent via the service, one from Australia and one from Cape Town.

    Although everyone complimented me on these very large arrangements, I became not too popular when the yellow pollen rubbed onto staff uniforms or clothes.
    Also, to my dismay the hospital(a well established one of the Netcare group) had no dedicated place to accommodate a large (or small for that matter) arrangement. They were on one of the bed gondolas and were shunted around to allow for staff to get in and out, etc. Any ideas for improvement there, between the two grouups? Hopefully I will not be in a position to personally experience again that sort of hospital stay!!

  3. So unfortunately I had the worst experience in my life dealing with netflorist. For more then 2 weeks I was making sure they will do everything as I described to deliver a bottle of champagne (the most expensive they have) to my boyfriend who happened to be in Africa that time. And they knew it is his bday andd he will be there just for one day. And they screwed. They so screwed that I looked like an idiot who doesn’t remember of the loved one bday. So I would highly not recommend them so nobody would go through the same as I was going. Very bad company.

  4. I really think the answer here on whether netflorist is good or bad seems to be….it depends. Like most things in life, some people have a good experience, and others have a bad one.

  5. I had, and continue to have, shocking service. I placed an order twice in error. As soon as I realised this (5 minutes later), I cancelled one of them via mail. Tayyieba Williams has been handing the refund, but it has been going on since the 6th September! Its not the money, but the principle. Now I am not even getting response to my mails. Shocking service. Do NOT recommend.

  6. I live in the UK and regularly order flowers to be delivered to my Mom who lives in South Africa.
    The florist I normally use wasn’t available so I made the mistake of using Netflorist (8 Jan 2013)
    I can’t fault how speedily they took my money and they delivered very promptly the next day. This part they got spot on.
    The flowers were however another story and compeltely different to how it was advertised on their site – St Joseph’s lilies in bud turned out to be a single stem of droopy and very much open St Josephs.
    Needless to say my Mom was pleased about the gesture but asked whether I had used another florist.
    The only upside is that I could have spent more – glad I tried them out on a small order.
    My advice if you prefer quality flowers, not just speedy delivery is to use someone else.

  7. Herewith the sorry story of my attempt to place an order, it is a copy of the complaint I sent to them, still no response!

    I wanted to order 4 items – my sister in law was due to have her baby on the 23rd of February, my sister had her birthday on the 24th, and for my brother and sister – their mom passed away on the 26th 2 years ago so I wanted some flowers in rememberance. Delivery date for all items on one day, latest on the 24th.
    The website insisted on charging 4 x delivery costs which I did not agree with. There is no option to change this so I had to send an email, see first attachment with registration of my question, and response from Netflorist

    My order had nothing to do with jewellery etc, it was a simple order of 4 items. Plus, regardless of what I am ordering, if 4 items are going to the same address at the same tie then (in my opinion) there should be one delivery charge

    Njabulo emailed me with a code that I could use to complete the order. Unfortunately this code would not work, see attached email number 3, so I emailed back again that there was a problem.

    Njabulo set the order up for me and a link was sent for the payment. Nowhere in the link or pages of Netflorist was the possibility to use a creditcard, it had to go via bank account. For the bank account I didn’t have enough details to complete the payment immediately, nowhere on the site can these details be found, so again I had to email for details, see attachment number 5 and 6.

    By this time I had phoned 3 times, one time I was on hold for 12 minutes, at €1,91 per minute !
    I had tried to get in touch with Njabulo to walk through creditcard payment so that the order would still make one of the 3 deadlines, but the lady on the phone said he was busy and he would email me. I explained I was phoning from Holland to sort the creditcard but it was not possible to help me

    This was afternoon of the 23rd, so I dropped the baby present order, I organised via my sister for a quick solution as the baby had been born in the early morning
    I emailed a print screen of the payment to confirm, and asked for a confirmation that it would be delivered on the 24th
    I received an email asking which bank details I had used which actually irritated me as I had been busy with the order for almost 4 days at that point, I was in the process of having my dog put to sleep and then found out it was still a problem, plus the fact that I had to provide all the info instead of just looking in the system or asking a colleague about the order gave me a rather unprofessional impression

    The 25th I asked about the order, the 26th I get a response, still no movement

    I phoned Shoulin and discussed it and said I would get back to him with regards to the order. Tried to phone again and after 7 minutes hung up the phone (wishing the voicemail person everything bad, do you have any idea how irritating it is after listening to him go on and on like that) and emailed that the order could go through, and what would be the delivery date, no response
    The 27th I cancelled the order, I was fed up, disappointed, angry, and I had found a florist (local) that helped me with my order, paid by CC, free delivery from ZAR600,00 and were more than happy to help me get my order sorted.

    And now, to top it all off, AFTER I told you I would get back to you today and you confirmed this was ok, I get an email that the ticket has been closed because you have not heard from me? Monday is still a number of hours away from being over?

    So, to recap, 5 phonecalls – 2 of which I was on wait – which at € 1.91 minute will make for a steep account for sweet nothing, transfer costs for sending money, and nothing to show for this all but a huge disappointment

    You mentioned a creditcard option for payment but this was nowhere to be found. I also asked for it but was not given an answer


    Kim Dijkman

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