Remove price tags from glass

Here’s another nice tip that works well for us.

I’m sure you’ve bought vases or plates etc. and when you get home you struggle to wash off the sticky price tags from the bottom. And, even if you manage to take them off, you sometimes end up with a dirty, stubborn gray sticky bit left.

Well, try using furniture spray.

Spray the sticker and wipe.

It might take a few attempts, but it works. Perhaps there’s a reason it works, and maybe there’s something else that works better (please let us know below), but this works for us.

3 Replies to “Remove price tags from glass”

  1. About the removal of stickers from glass items. What I find works, is to soak the item under water for about 12 hours. If the sticker still sticks, use paintbrush cleaner and a piece of cottonwool. It dissolves the glue. I always use polycell brush cleaner. It depends what kind of glue was used. If water works, you save on brushcleaner

  2. What I usually do is soak the glass in hot water for a few minutes and the sticker will come off easily.

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