My water filter

There are a lot of water filters and water purifiers out there. But I’ve bought a really good product from a company called Stefani. The reason I bought mine is that, as well as managing to clean and filter the water, it looks good.


It is a Terracotta Water Purifier from Brazil. According to wikipedia, Terracotta is Italian for “Baked Earth”, and “is a hard semifired waterproof ceramic clay used in pottery, older wastewater drains, and as surface embellishment in building construction.”

The Terracotta gives my water filter 2 benefits:

  • Terracotta has a natural cooling effect, so the water, though not ice cold, will be quite cool.
  • It looks really good, and fits in really well with the theme in my kitchen.

I really recommend getting a water filter (or a water purifier) of some sort. This is because it helps remove a lot of the harmful chemicals, toxins and bacteria from tap water. Though, to be honest, the reason I got one is because I had just moved into a new house, and the water in the taps was tasting quite “sandy” due to the pipes being newly installed.

Remember, take a look around and see what is out there. Water Filters can be put in a lot of places in the house, like the shower, bath, kitchen sink, etc… And, they look different. So you will definitely need to shop around before settling on something.

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  1. Hello there…I also got a Stefani terracotta water purifier and I am simply amazed at how great the water tastes from this beautiful water purifier. I think its great that it does not need electric power and plumbing to operate. I simply love the way it looks and the great tasting drinking water! I bought my Stefani purifier from the following website ( Hope it helps.

  2. Come to Health Shop Lynnwood, Glenfair Centre, Lynnwood road, Pta (012 348 6110) to have a look at the Stefani water filters. We always have them in stock & we sell the candles also.

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