Designer’s eye, first steps, and other stories

News_and_Stories.jpgHere are this weeks interesting articles. Hope you enjoy them.


At The Columbian there’s an article on “Decorating Trends for 2006”. It talks about how “Designing a room has become more about comfort and function, while infusing luxury with playfulness and fun”. It even mentions how the use of “bling” – sparkling things – is making it’s way into the home (probably from a hip-hop star’s fingers and neck?!?).

::::::::: tells a story of a little girl who got stuck in a safe at a Home Improvement store in Miamisburg. It looks like she climbed in and the door closed behind her. She’s going to be ok though…


wiseGeek (a GREAT website) has an article about “what should you consider before starting a home remodeling project”. It helps you answer the following questions:

  • 1. Do I need a building permit?
  • 2. Am I capable of performing this home remodeling project myself?
  • 3. Will this home remodeling project address the actual problem?
  • 4. Can I find reliable and licensed contractors?


The Orlando Sentinel has a good article listing some decent websites that you can use to help you with your interior design, etc… For example, there’s that has a package you can use to design your home, including your landscaping. Looks like a VERY usefule product, even if it’s not one of a kind.

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