Sex Up Your Bedroom, eBay, and Other Stories

News_and_Stories.jpgHere are a few more interesting stories and news articles that I’ve summarised for this week. I hope you enjoy them:


Long Island Press has an interesting article on how to “Sex Up Your Bedroom For Valentine’s Day”. They offer some worth while obvious, yet forgotten, tips such as:

  • Get rid of the clutter
  • If you have your work in your bedroom, get it out!
  • Adding a bit of color to the room, possibly with a new coat of paint
  • Get some romantic bedding and sheets
  • Dim the lights…


The Dallas Morning News has an article about how you could use eBay to help decorate your house, and at a low price. It talks about being able to “click and find sophisticated home-decorating resources: everything from Ralph Lauren wallpaper and Pottery Barn rugs to McCoy pottery and Murano glass chandeliers”.


If you’re in Eastern Iowa (how man people could possibly be from Eastern Iowa), go check out the “Eastern Iowa Home Improvement and Landscaping Show”. According to

About 180 exhibitors will help homeowners scratch their itch for home building, remodeling, decorating and lawn and garden projects at the 55th annual event, said Barb Miller, show producer. The show is presented by the Waterloo Exchange Club and Iowa Show Productions.


According to ABC7 Chicago there’sgood news for people over 60 in Indiana. Apparently, phony repair men would scam the elderly who couldn’t do the repairs themselves by taking the money and “and then perform repairs crudely — using paint that washes off or roof tar thinned with gasoline“. There’s a new bill just passed that makes this illegal. Why it wasn’t illegal before beats me, but then we’d probably have very few repair men out there and the jails would be full. Not necessarily for diluting roof tar, but at the very least for taking the money for shoddy work

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