Use your wedding photographs

Again, this is common sense.

Our wedding photographer took excellent photographs at our wedding, as I mentioned in my article where I reviewed our wedding photographer. But, we just had the photos sitting in the wedding album which we would take out and show people if they hadn’t seen it yet (and if they asked… I promise we weren’t forcing it on people 🙂 ).

But, almost 2 years down the road, we don’t get many requests to see the album, so we finally got around to getting enlargements made of a couple of our wedding photographs, and are hanging them up.

All I can say is: WOW

The difference a great looking photograph that has been framed well can make on a room is amazing. It is definitely something you should think about doing if you haven’t done it yet.

We enlarged our photos to an A4 size, and framed the black and white photo in a black frame, with a white border. It’s not TOO expensive to do, though it isn’t cheap either, but it is worth it!

And, if you’re looking for a great photographer, go check out our wedding photographer’s site.

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