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Go check out my new article entitled “3G iPhone“.

It documents some of the new features of the brand new 3G iPhone which will be arriving in South Africa VERY SOON!!

There’s also a couple of videos showing you all the cool features…

The Apple iPhone - not in South Africa just yet

Will the Apple iPhone come to South Africa any time soon?

I don’t think so. At least, I hope not. There are a few reasons for this.

But first, lets take a look at this BEAUTIFUL phone and see what makes it a good product (without actually being able to hold it). I didn’t say “what makes it a good phone”, because I don’t need a real phone anymore, I’m a SmartPhone user, more specifically, I own an iMate kjam with Windows Mobile 5.

Here are some of the features that I think are great:

WiFi enabled

A must have for me, as I use the wifi on my iMate a lot at home. Saves me having to open up my laptop just to check my email or website statistics.

And according to the Apple website, you can surf the internet for up to 6 hours. It LOOKS like that’s with the WiFi connection, and if that’s true, then I think that makes it about 6 times longer than the iMate…

Quad band (GSM)

This means that the phone CAN actually be used in South Africa. There were rumours when the phone was first announced that it would be restricted to some American non-GSM network, but looks like somebody woke up and smelled the coffee. Or, rather, the rumours were just false.

Audio and Video

The iPhone plays more than just MP3 audio files. This might not seem great, but if you own a Mac (or accidentally rip your music using iTunes into the AAC format), then you’ll know how bad it is putting music onto any phone you currently have.

The same goes for video. You can watch movies on the iPhone, with most movie/video formats catered for.

Why the iPhone SHOULDN’T come to South Africa

I have 3 reasons why they shouldn’t release the iPhone in South Africa just yet:

EDGE Internet Connectivity

In South Africa, we are trying to get up to speed with the rest of the world with regards to internet connectivity. My iMate KJam only has EDGE connectivity, not 3G, and this is slower than a modem. Brining such a good looking phone out here without 3G connectivity is a step backwords.

2.0 Megapixel Camera

This is probably good enough for a phone, but I think any new phones should have AT LEAST a 3 Megapixel camera. Just a personal opinion from somebody who uses the feature (though unfortunately, my camera is only a 1.3 Megapixel camera… NOT great at ALL)

MTN Contract

And the last, and most important reason is, my MTN cellphone contract only expires in a year and a bit, so I wouldn’t be able to get this phone. 🙂

I would definitely be jealous if other people were using this phone, and I knew I couldn’t get it…

So, let’s see if we get Apple support for the iPhone in South Africa!

UDPATE: As mentioned above, I have a new article about the latest iPhone. To read it (which I obviously recommend you do), click here: iPhone 3G

19 Replies to “Apple iPhone in South Africa”

  1. lol! love the last reason! i’m from sa but in the states at the moment and i think that the iphone is really cool!

  2. hey faaiez

    i’m only coming home next year. and right now the iphone can only be used with the at&t network, so i’m still waiting to get my self one.

  3. I am also hoping it will come to SA. The biggest problem is the lack of an iTunes store in SA, they need this for activation.
    If this generation of iPhone comes to SA it will probably be coming to MTN, mostly because it has the best EDGE network.

  4. Hi guys, just wanted to know if I would be able to use a iphone I bought in the UK, in SA?

  5. Sorry for the late reply. As far as I know, unless the iPhone is network locked (like phones in South Africa USED to be), then you can use it in SA.

    I’m pretty sure the iphones in the US are locked onto the AT&T network at the moment, but I don’t know about the iphones in the UK.

  6. Yes you will be able to use it in the UK. As said above that it is Quad band, so you can use it on GSM. There are also plenty ways of hacking it to get it to work how u want to. So good luck. I’ve got an iPhone, it’s really cool. I wonder if there are any other people here in SA with an iPhone .. 😕

  7. For those interested to know: Just returned from Singapore with a new iPhone and was terribly nervous that it would not work….

    But I am extremely relieved to report that the phone works perfectly and all features are unlocked on VodaCom….

  8. Hey man, im in the uk coming back home soon.. ive done all the research and personally i think that anyone who says that their iphone works in sa is lying.. its not possible unless you hack into the phone and change shit.. so if ur thinking about buying one overseas and bringing it back hoping it will work, dont you will be dissapointed..

  9. The fact is that hacking an iPhone requires a little tech savvy and a bit of time. I personally know 3 people who are using iPhones in South Africa.
    But getting then anywhere but in the US is just daft.

  10. iphones work in SA. Its not a lie. I have one and its working. I don’t know how, its working on vodacom. Bought one in Sandton too for anyone who wants to buy one

  11. Thanks Carol. The shop DID offer to let me try it out, so it must work. Glad to hear you’re using one.

    I’m still holding out for the 3G iPhone that might be coming out later this year (in the US at least).

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