Great Cooldrink Idea

Energade with sparkling water is a great healthy fizzy drinkJust a little something that I’d like to share… I really enjoy Energade, but sometimes I crave fizzy drinks… Well, what I do is mix Energade with Sparkling Mineral Water (personally, I like the Woolworths Sparkling Water). Almost gives it a Lucozade feel. 😉

I know my mother enjoys mixing tonic water with orange juice, but I’m not really into that one…

Do you have any other combinations for cold drinks that people might like?

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  1. If you are on a diet and would like to have a nice drink – mix sparkling water with canderal powder & lots of fresh lime or lemon juice – INSTANT LEMONADE! I saw it on an tv show and tried it, it really really taste like lemonade

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