Best Christmas Party Idea Ever

Need an idea for a Christmas party? It’s not an expensive Christmas party, though it definitely won’t seem like a CHEAP Christmas party

In South Africa, we don’t say barbeque, we say braai, (pronounced like “guy”, but with a “br” instead of a “g” ;-)), and a popular thing to do when having a lot of people around is to have a bring and braai. This is when people bring their own meat and drinks, and the host supplies the salads, deserts, and the utensils, and everybody has a great time…

An idea for a great inexpensive Christmas Party...Well, if you want to do something like this but for Christmas (assuming you’re in the tropics or southern hemisphere), then have a bring and braai, but get everybody to bring 1 unisex present that costs a certain amount (or less). It mustn’t cost too much, and having a limit prevents people from over-spending. Then, at the end of your evening, you can hand out presents, and EVERYBODY gets one.

Don’t you think that’s GENIUS! Best Christmas party you’ll have without breaking the bank… And, of course, you don’t have to have a braai/barbeque, you could just have a normal meal. As long as people bring presents, the idea is the same.

Have any better ideas? I’d love it if you left a comment to share it with the world…

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  1. here’s a game to play with your idea: put all of the presents in a pile and have all of the guests attending the party numbered. #1 goes first, picks a present, and opens. #2 picks a present but doesn’t open yet. Now, #1 can either take a risk and pick #2’s wrapped present or can keep his own. This goes on until everyone has a present. It’s lots of fun!!! 😉 how many presents you bring, you take home. We play under $15.

  2. Excellent game. My in-laws actually played this the following weekend at another party. Got very interesting apparently, with most of the guys tipsy and trying to bargain “cleverly”, which obviously wasn’t very clever. 🙂

  3. I think that is cool , but iv got another solution,
    why dont you put all the peoples names in a tub or a hat that are coming to your christmas party, and then each person has to draw out someones name, but you are not allowed to draw out your own name.If youve drew out someones name, then you have to by them a christmas present[this is done before christmas day]. The limit should be $100.On christmas day, you place the christmas present under the must then find your present under the christmas tree, and guess who bought it for you, if you choose the wrong person, then youll have to take a shooter.

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