Getting rid of Mosquitos – an interesting attempt

Getting rid of mosquitosI went to a restaurant the other day, and we sat outside. Very nice for a summer’s evening in South Africa. The only problem is that we tend to have mosquitoes. But at this restaurant we noticed that they had put bowls of Vinegar all over the place. Apparently it helps keep the mozzie population back outside and away from the vinegar.

I’ve tried it, and it doesn’t seem to work TOO well, but if anybody has any other ideas for keeping mozzies at bay, PLEASE let me know…

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  1. Try placing a little Citronella oil in small containers/saucers.
    In bedroom, preferablly near the bed. In the beginning the smell is scenty and stron, just before you sleep move it away but still in the room. Citnonella candles are the way to go for the South African outdoors. Enjoy.

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