Varnishing Wood Experience

Well, it’s almost the rainy season here in South Africa, and I’m cramming in all the lovely wood varnishing and wood sealing for all the wooden doors, wooden garden furniture, wooden window frames and wooden gates. If I have had one main piece of advice from everyone I know, it’s been: Don’t buy wooden furniture or a house with wooden window frames.

Varnishing Wood for protectionOf course, wood has so much more character than aluminium, so I’m not so sure that’s great advice. But, if you do have to start varnishing all your own wood, here are some tips I’ve picked up:

– If the wood hasn’t been varnished and has already taken a beating from the sun, make sure you sand it down until it’s smooth. Try and get past the cracks if possible, otherwise the varnish/sealer is not going to help it much.

– An add-on to the tip above is, make sure the wood is smooth, whether it’s been damaged or not, because varnishing rough wood can give it a look that you might not be going for, like a job badly done.

– If you’re adding a sealer (recommended) rather than varnish, then for the first coat, try adding some thinners to the sealer to let it soak deeper into the wood.

– Remember to give the wood 3 coats of sealer/varnish.

Any other tips that you can give me?

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