Electric Blankets – Cheap Winter Warmth

I asked a friend the other day what he learnt this winter. He said that buying an electric blanket was one of the things he did, and, he learnt that electric blankets use less power than an oil heater. I can’t verify his fact about saving power using an electric blanket instead of an oil heater, but I would think it might be true.

My mother swears by her electric blanket. She says it’s mainly due to the fact that the bed is nice and warm when she gets into it. Something that is a real plus in an ice cold winter.
Electric Blankets for Warmth in Winter
I have a feeling America and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere are in for a SHOCKINGLY cold winter this year. Especially after the heat wave they just had this summer. So, if you feel like saving money AND keeping warm, try the electric blanket.

Let me know what you think. Especially if you have (or have tried) an electric blanket. I’d love other people’s opinions on whether it’s worth getting one.

Oh, and did you know, you can get Electric Blankets on Amazon? Just click the link below to check them out. (I must say, some of them look REALLY warm).

Electric Blankets on Amazon

P.S. This is not a picture of my mom. She’s cuter than that 😉

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