Household Services Maid Service Sucks

This is another “get the frustration off my chest” type of article. It’s similar to my Coricraft articles in that this doesn’t benefit you, the reader, unless you were planning on using the company and wanted to know my experience with them.

Household Services Review

If you’re looking for a maid or domestic cleaning service to come and clean your house, PLEASE consider using someone else.

IF the maid arrives on the day, she does a fair enough job. At least Zodwa did.

But out of the 5 times that the maid was supposed to arrive, she only pitched up twice.

Household Services Breaks Promises

Now it’s not just a case of “let’s see if we can send someone”.

It was “she’s definitely coming at 8:30 on Friday”. And then I phoned on the day and the excuse is:

“Zodwa couldn’t make it”

What kind of business does Household Services run when they can’t even guarantee that their own staff will arrive at the clients site.

Household Services Phone Number

If you’re looking for the house hold services contact phone number, here it is: 011-we-are-useless

This can sound kind of petty I guess, but this is frustrating. Especially when they leave you stranded the day before Christmas to clean your house, when you’re catering for a party for 10 people the next day…

Anyway, have you had any experiences with them you’d like to share?

8 Replies to “Household Services Maid Service Sucks”

  1. Thats Terrible. these types of businesses should alays be prepared for a back up plan in these cases, especially during the holidays. It is unthinkable that this company would want to give a client such shoddy treatment and right before the holidays no less. Here’s to you, and my hopes that your New Year will continue down a better path…my goodness.

  2. 🙂 Thanks for the sympathy.

    This actually happened again this morning. Hence my “frustration” and need to write about it.

    I’m going to be writing about the other company that does the same thing, and DID the same thing!!!

  3. what does domestic worker from Zim mean ANYWAY???? You pay 8 bucks an hour for a sparkly clean house?? I am a private house keeper and from the US. I charge around 22 an hour and I do a good job. I aslo have insurance for the home owner because its a responsible thing to have. If they dont like i will come back and reclean whatever they want FOR FREE!! If they take advantage of that then it’s over never call me again. So we all have the same amount of time in a day and if you can invent a machine that will create more hours in a day then you probably dont need a house keeper. A house keeper is a time saver that creates more time for your life to do what ever you want to do. We cross off one less thing to do on your chore list. Why the blesphemy on a housekeeper. If its so easy and you have a lot time do it your self and quit the bitchin’!!! Because a cleaned home and timed saved is priceless. You get what you pay for in this business and if i was offered ten bucks an hour i would turn it down and have a person who is willing to pay for a good quality and quanatative clean. I am sick and tired of people expecting to pay penuts for a job well done. you should be ashamed of yourselves. Only a few in this world actually make time and effort to clean up. It’s hard and tiresome after a full days work. IF your GOOD at something never do it for FREE. I am worth it and my clients know that.

  4. Thanks for the comment Melanie.

    But I have a feeling a domestic worker from Zim means something different where you are to where I am.


    I’m glad to hear you take pride in your work. Everybody should. And yes, you get what you pay for. Which is why I have a new article to write up that will review our current domestic service who are a LOT more expensive than I thought I would pay, but TOTALLY worth it.

  5. I pay my domestic worker R20 an hour and she drives me around the bend, she just wants more and more and more, wants me to pay for her children’s school fees, buy her airtime for her cellphone etc etc. If I could find someone like Melanieb who would prepared to accept a rate of around R22 per hour and no further demands or racist guilt trips I would be over the moon.

  6. I see this is an old article, but does anybody know of a reputable domestic cleaning services company?
    “Which is why I have a new article to write up that will review our current domestic service who are a LOT more expensive than I thought I would pay, but TOTALLY worth it.”

  7. Hi MJ

    A couple of months after I wrote this article, the domestic services company I was using had an internal issue, and I decided to “go it alone”. So, I ended up not writing the follow-up article.

    If anybody ELSE can help, feel free to respond here.

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