How to make the perfect cup of tea

This should actually be called: “How to make MY perfect cup of tea” because everybody likes their tea differently.

But I’ll tell you how I like my tea made, and you can decide whether it’s a good way to make tea.

How to make a really good cup of tea

How to make tea

Boil the kettle

To save energy and money, it’s preferable that you only put as much water in the kettle as you’ll need to make the cup of tea.

Let the kettle settle

Let the kettle stop bubbling. Don’t put water that’s still boiling into your cup.

Insert the tea bag

Put your tea bag in your cup. Lay it out so that you can pour water through it

Add the sugar

I like 3 teaspoons of sugar in my tea. Though it’s the number 3 that’s key for me. They don’t have to be full teaspoons, just as long as it’s 3 🙂

Pour the water

Pour your water in the cup, but pour it through the tea bag, and slowly. I think this is what brings out most of the flavour.

Let it brew

I generally only let my tea bag sit in the hot water for about 1 minute, but the stronger you want your tea, the longer it must sit there…

Then, obviously, strain the tea bag, and take it out…

Add the milk

There’s research that says adding milk to your tea blocks the health benefits, but I can’t drink tea without milk, so I normally add the milk now.

I add enough to make it look a little creamy, but not too white.

Stir your perfect cup of tea

The only thing left now is to stir the cup of tea…

And enjoy…

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  1. lol…this made me think of my mother, with whom I am estranged. All during my “childhood” it was my “chore” to make her tea. Her chosen method involved pouring boiling water in a cup, and then taking a tetley tea bag in hand, dunking it by the string 20 times, and then removing the tea bag, without draining any tea from it. Then, adding milk in the amount of half the cup. (I forgot to mention that you may only fill the cup to half way full with the boiling water. I inwardly refered to this “blend” as milk water, hot,milk water. Oh well…thank you for sharing and for allowing me to as well. Peace.

  2. by the way…your tea sounds a lot like I prefer to have my own…it is pouring rain here and I have the kettle on, thanks for the good idea.

  3. I’m not 100% sure what the difference would be between bagged and bag-less tea. But I don’t think it would be that much considering it’s practically the same.

  4. I love a cup of tea, but find that a few of my friends really don’t make a good one. One friend I know always complains that the tea [in bags] are not very strong today, so she says she has to put two t-bags in one cup! YUK! So when I drink it, its only lukewarm and milky, which I find is very unpleasant. Her mistake is [and I find many people do this] is she puts the milk in b4 the hot water, which does not allow the tealeaves enough heat to bring its full flavour & color out… it will make it look weak & taste weak. The trick to a gd cup of tea is in the boiling water ~ milk should ONLY b added AFTER the hot water & when its the right strength for u.

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