How to train a cat

I saw the most amazing thing yesterday. A well-behaved domestic house cat.

Actually, it was still a kitten, but it was house-trained already.

Because the owners live in a complex, they didn’t want the kitten wandering off on it’s own. They don’t have their own garden, and they’re worried that it would get lost, considering they’d only had it a week. So they had trained it so that it would not leave the patio.

They also mentioned that the cat NEVER had any “accidents” on the carpet. They feed the kitten pellets every day, and the one day they decided to try soft food, it didn’t agree with the cat. And even though the kitten JUST made to the litterbox, that’s where he did his business.

How did they train their kitten?

What you will need to train your cat is simply a spray water bottle.

Whenever the kitten did anything wrong, like scratching anything other than his scratching post, they would spray him with a little water. It was more a mist than anything, but it gave him enough of a fright without hurting him. It definitely seems that it stops the cat scratching the furniture and curtains.

They did the same thing whenever he tried to go off the patio. They would just give him a short squirt with the water spray, and he knew he had to get back on the patio.

Personally, I thought it was amazing. And he really looked like a happy little kitten. And BOY was he active!!!

Training cats to use their litterbox

Obviously, owning a domestic cat means that the cat will live inside. Though, as we all know, cats live where they want to, and tend to come home for food and a quick petting. 🙂

But as I said earlier, since the owners had bought their kitten, it had NEVER done it’s business on the floor. It has always gone to the litter box.

I asked them how they had done this, and they said that as soon as they brought the kitten into the house when they first got it, they took it straight to the litterbox. Then, they would show it a room in the house, and take it to the litterbox again.

They did this for every room in their house, always going back to the litterbox afterwards.

So, THAT is how you domesticate a domestic cat.

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  1. That’s fantastic! Never thought of that, but next time I have a kitten, I will be sure to try it as our other two cats are domestic and remain inside our garden, by they walk off now and then, so perhaps I should get the spray out! 😛

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