Cleaning the Shower Floor

Here’s a quick tip for all those people who’s shower floors have marks on them that don’t seem to come off with standard cleaning.

Soap and skin and oil and a whole lot of other nasty stuff can really leave stains on your shower floor, and what better way to remove them than with drain cleaner?

Drain cleaners tend to be a pretty strong acid whose actual goal is to remove things a lot tougher from your drains, so it’s really ideal.

What I do is:

  • buy a bottle of drain cleaner from Pick n Pay¬†for about R30,
  • pour it onto the floor of the shower
  • using the bottom of the bottle to spread it and make sure I don’t miss a spot – DO NOT USE YOUR HANDS! IT’S DANGEROUS!
  • wait about 15 minutes to make sure it has enough time to work
  • turn the shower on and rinse the floor. Make sure you let it run for a while (i do it for about 5 minutes) to ensure there’s no acid left on the floor. You REALLY don’t want to get into a shower barefoot while there’s drain cleaner on the floor!

It is really amazing how clean the shower floor will get, removing all marks and stains.

Do YOU have any tips or ideas?

2 Replies to “Cleaning the Shower Floor”

  1. I have one word: Mr Muscle Mildew Cleaner, it’s about R35 from any supermarket-amazing! Just use it once a month, great stuff

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