Ant Poison that REALLY gets rid of ants

We’re being taken over by ants in our house. But I think I’ve found the cure!

You can’t see the ants, but drop a piece of food on the floor and wait 5 minutes. The food will either be gone, or covered in ants and on it’s way to being gone.

So I splashed out today. I paid R240 for imported Ant Poison. That’s a LOT in my opinion, especially for a 280 gram jar.

But it looks like it works like a charm.

The ant poison I’m trying out is “MAXFORCE Ant Bait Granules” by “Bayer Advanced“.

It smells like dog food and looks like tiny dog pellets, and the ants go CRAZY for the stuff. The key thing is, they don’t eat it on the spot, and it’s not immediately poisonous, so they take it back to the nest, and within around 7 days, dead ants should be noticed around the nests.

I poured this stuff around the house (outside) and it looked like the ants were on speed. 1 ant was busy carrying a dead fly of some sorts, and it dropped it for a pellet a quarter of the size of the fly.

Photos of ants and poison

Here are a few photos of the ants taking the poison (click for larger images):

Info about the Ant Poison

As I mentioned, I’m using “MAXFORCE Ant Bait Granules” by “Bayer Advanced“. Here is the information from the back of the packaging:

For outdoor use only

The delayed action of the active ingredient allows foraging ants to bring the bait back to the nest so that the entire colony, including the queen, is destroyed.

When properly used, this bait will control many structure-invading ants before they enter a building.

Do not apply other insecticides e.g. aerosols, sprays, etc. on top of or in close proximity to Maxforce Ant Bait Granules, as it will reduce the effectiveness.

Reduced activity and dead ants around the entrance of the nest should be noted around 7 days after baiting.

1. Perimeter Treatment

Lightly sprinkle granules at the rate of 6 g/m2 in a band of 0,5m wide around the perimeter of buildings where ants are active. Treat ant trails, cracks and crevices where ants may enter structures.

2. Broadcast Application

Broadcast granules uniformly on lawns and other areas at the rate of 20 g/100 m2. Bait will remain effective, even after exposure to rain and sprinklers, for up to 7 days in direct sunlight.

3. Ant Nests

Sprinkle approximately 30g of bait around active nests. Do not apply bait directly in or on the mound. If the mound is disturbed, ants will become agitated and may not feed on the bait.

So, I’ll be sure to take more photos in a week or 2 and see if the ant population in and around our house has declined.

And hopefully, this means the ants will stop climbing and destroying my herbs and fruit trees!!!

12 Replies to “Ant Poison that REALLY gets rid of ants”

  1. I found mine at Mica hardware store. I must say, it did seem to work, but I have a feeling my infestation might have been a little too heavy for this to work completely.

    The ants are making a bit of a comeback. And this product is really expensive, so I have to see if I must use more of it, or another product as well.

    Another problem with this product is that you aren’t really able to use it inside. I did, and it seems to have worked, but I can’t say my wife was too happy about it.

  2. It does sound great. However, i prefer not using any form of poison in the home. Diatomaceous earth dehydrates the insect and erodes its exosceleton

  3. Thanks for the heads-up!

    Yeah, i’m not so keen on poison myself, but our infestation is so bad right now that i’d use napalm if i could only get my hands on it 😉

    But seriously, our complex has quite a problem and i know for a FACT that the ants are breeding, nesting and very well protected (from surface spray) under large quantities of builder’s rubble which was left under the topsoil in each unit’s garden! I fear that they may also be nesting in gaps in the mortar of our walls.
    So getting at the nests with bait is our only hope right now!

    Not exactly expecting a quick fix, but if i can reduce the infestation in any way, it would make life a little more bearable. If not there is always the napalm route 😉

    Thanks again for the help. I’ll update you as the struggle continues…

  4. I have had the most awesome experience with the diatomaceous Earth, and I had a major problem with both fleas and ants, but a 10 lit container sorted it all out, I keep puttng the diatomaceous down every 3 to 4 weeks and after heavy rain, but there aint an ant or flea to be seen.

  5. I’m sure you HAVE had a good experience with it, considering you sell it.

    BUT, I’d love to try some. How can I get some to try it (I’ve been looking for AGES but can’t find it in any shops)

  6. Ha, I think it’s a bit late for that now.

    The ants are starting to take over the house (almost literally). All poison works for a while, and this one worked best, but it’s just too expensive to use on the scale that I need it!!!

  7. I’m going to try Fendona 6 which can be bought at PnP in the Plant section… Will let you know if it works and the cost!

  8. I spent ther morning spraying Baythion (another Bayer product @ R70 for 100ml!) down all the ant holes on my farm. This pm went back to check and the ants seems to having a party. Baythion has no effect whatsoever. Well done Bayer for duping the public again.

  9. Water makes them go nuts!!! I just hose down the main nest and they went crazy, the water was going down the nest making a whirlpool effect, I need to set a perimeter to flood all the possible new break outs.

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