Quick Tumble Dryer Tip

Tumble dryers are great little time savers because as a general rule (in our house) whatever goes in the tumble dryer doesn’t need to be ironed if it does not get worn in public.

This means that pyjamas, underwear, sheets, blankets, socks, etc. do not need to be ironed.

Why would they need to be ironed anyway?

Well, I’ve heard MANY horror stories about how flies and other bugs can land on clothes that are hung out to dry, and if they aren’t ironed, may have deposited eggs/larvae that may work their way into your skin! So anything that is hung out to dry must get ironed, in my opinion.

A Tumble Drier TipBut, tumble dryers are a big energy/electricity user, so anything you can do to save electricity while using your tumble dryer helps.

Hence, my little reminder:

Make sure that all the clothes, sheets, socks, etc. are loose when placed into the tumble dryer. After a spin cycle in your washing machine, sheets can get tangled up and twisted. If they’re put into the tumble dryer like this, chances are they won’t dry as quickly. Items put into the tumble drier need to be as loose as possible for the warm air to flow through them and dry them.

Anyway, hope you’ve had a great holiday season, and have an EXCELLENT start to the New Year!

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  1. also put quick drying items together so you will use a shorter cycle for those to dry.Put less of the bulky items together so it dries faster.A great tips is to hang outside first until nearly dry then put in tumble dryer to kill bugs and iron out creases.

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