Cleaning Leather Couches

I get a few visitors wondering how we look after our leather couches, so I thought I’d share it here. It’s quick and easy, and it works for us.

Cleaning leather couches is a 2 step process for us:

Step 1

Dust the couches. I’m sure everybody does this, but it has to be said anyway. This is done every single week. Especially since we have beige coloured leather. It’s preferable that a clean cloth is used to dust the chairs to prevent scratches, though it’s not as noticeable as when cleaning wood.

Step 2

This step involves actually cleaning the leather couches with a product by “Shield” called “Leather Care“. This is only done every second week, and only after step 1 has been completed. I’ll quote the benefits of using “Leather Care” from the back of the bottle:

Shield LEATHER CARE is a water based emulsion that safely cleans and preserves all fine leather and plastic articles i.e. car seats, shoes, handbags, luggage, leather articles, etc.

LEATHER CARE restores and renews materials to their original natural shine. LEATHER CARE contains a UV Protector which guards against cracking, dulling, hardening and fading of finished leather and sealed wood.

Shield LEATHER CARE is non-flammable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, odourless, safe and easy to use.

Looking after leather couches is important. Here’s how we clean our leather couches

4 Replies to “Cleaning Leather Couches”

  1. I have very old leather lounge suite that is dirty. I need to clean it before i can us the LEATHER CARE product you recommenend.

    What should i use to clean. the leather is black

  2. Don’t tell my wife this, but our cleaning lady uses Sunlight Liquid (dishwashing soap) to clean our couches before putting on the Leather Care. In fact, I think Leather Care was starting to make the couches darker because of the oils in it mixing with the dust/dirt.

    So, perhaps you could try it. But don’t hold me to it, I’m not sure what it does to really old couches. (Ours were getting dark before she started using it, and it made them look like new).

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