Cleaning your wooden dining room table

Carrying on from the “Cleaning Leather Couches” article, I thought I would share how we clean our wooden table. It’s a dark wood table and needs extra care regarding scratches.

As with the leather care, cleaning the table is a similar 2 step process:

Step 1

The first step is wiping the table down. But, as I mentioned before, you will see scratches quite badly on the dark wood. ESPECIALLY if there is a light just above the table. So make SURE you use a completely clean dust cloth. If you use a cloth that has been used to dust something else, it WILL scratch the table.

Step 2

About once a month we ask our cleaner to wipe the table using a product called “Cobra Touch Specialist Furniture Cream”. I’ll quote the back of the bottle again (it’s just easier).

Cobra Specialist Cream is a unique blend of wax, silicone and mineral oils which brings out and maintains the natural beauty of your wood. This rich creamy polish cleans, nourishes and protects your finest wood furniture. Used regularly Cobra Specialist Cream revives the colour of the grain, adds a brilliant shine, restoring the natural beauty of your wood.

How to clean your wooden dining room table.

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  1. Where can I buy Cobra Specialist Cream ? I am trying to bring my furniture back to the high shine I had with Cobra Furniture cream-which they have withdrawn from the market. I live in Cape Town

  2. Where can I buy the cobra specialist cream? I need to bring back the shine to my dining room table.

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